7 Technology Tips Every Businessman May Not Know

Entrepreneurship and technology go hand in hand. Most tech solutions have the capacity to provide businessmen with some automation that can manage increased workloads. This gives the entrepreneur the ability to venture into new businesses, enter new markets and expand to additional regions. However, not all businessmen have the knowledge of how technology can change their ways of doing business for better. Some tech solutions can provide better results than others. It is, therefore, important to equip yourself with general technology knowledge. Here are seven technology tips every businessman may not know.


  1. The Power of Mobile

Many businessmen have not embraced mobile fully and therefore; they are missing out on so much. From communications, logistics and sales, mobile guarantees that your business makes use of modern computing technologies. Devices such as tablets, Smartphone, hybrids among many other computing gadgets are by far better than laptops and desktops when coming to development, mindshare and innovation. For this reason, it is important for every businessman to consider embracing mobile technologies and start reaping the benefits.


  1. Data Use

In the recent past, computing technology advancement has boosted large-scale collection of data. However, the focus has now been shifted wider across almost every field ranging from “data curation” to data acquisition. Most businessmen do not have the necessary insights to help them utilize the right tools in their businesses. Here are some insights to help you mind your data.

Web Optimization: It is wise to practice strong web presence for the success of your business. Start monitoring your web traffic using Google Analytics.

Project Tracking: Consider learning your resource expenditure by making use of tools such as Harvest and Basecamp to track cost allocation and time.

Sales Monitors: Start using cloud-based technologies such as Salesforce to see when, where and how your clients are spending. This will lead to better understanding of your business.


  1. Securing Data

As a businessman, you need a storage accessory to take care of your storage needs. The size of the accessory will greatly depend on various factors including what you want to store and the size of the files you want to store. You surely need a storage material that can be accessed easily whenever data is needed. One good example of a storage accessory is a MicroSD card. This device can accommodate large files of business data for references in future. You can as well opt for a memory stick, which works very well with iPhones.


  1. The Power of Social Media

Most businessmen do not see the benefits of using social media to do business. This is where they all go wrong. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn can help businesses get noticed by potential clients. Running these social media accounts does not require a tech genius and one can manage them with much ease.

They will help a business rank higher in Google search rankings. However, this depends on the number of followers and updates a company has. Therefore, once you have created several of these profiles, you need to be active and post materials related to your business. You stand a chance to interact with your customers and find out what exactly they need.


  1. Fuse Crunch Latest Tech News

Most businessmen fail to do so well because they lack to implement some of the latest technology systems. However, without the knowledge of some of these tech updates, the ideas on what to implement cannot just come. For this reason, it is important for businessmen to consider reading updated technology news and find out what this amazing field has in store for them. Take for example the Fuse Crunch tech news, which is a website that updates businessmen with the latest technology news. Also, it can assist people to discover the latest gadgets for business use. Consider bookmarking this website so that you can be receiving the latest technology developments and ensure you stay ahead.


  1. Technology Expert

Although it is easy and cheap to rely on family and friends for your IT issues, sometimes you will need a professional to do that work. Your family and friends can be very unreliable at times delaying your business operations. Frequent delays can affect your business negatively and start making losses. An IT expert, however, will provide you with professional assistance and advice instantly when needed. This will ensure that your business remains headed in the right direction.


  1. The Internet

Businessmen should start making use of the internet to find out more about business and technology. The internet can be an incredible and cost efficient source of information. You will be in a position to find out the technology used by other business people all over the world. The knowledge acquired will help you become a better business person. Also, you can interact with business people in your area and share business ideas for mutual benefit.


If properly implemented, innovative technologies can play key roles in helping businessmen grow their businesses. This results in increased scales and sizes of operations without straining the available resources. The right technology will assist a business person to achieve most of their goals with fewer resources. They will be better placed to compete with other individuals in the same field of business. Sometimes data is lost together with your laptop; this is where a secure backup plan such as an SD card comes in handy.

Source : www.atulhost.com

By: Atul Kumar Pandey


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