Productivity is a practice that you inculcate consciously in the beginning, and it gradually becomes a part of who you are. Even more so, you cannot afford to be sloppy when you are an entrepreneur – the bent of mind comes with the territory.

I remember that it started with using apps that let you edit documents on the go – they were such a lifesaver that I fell for. From thereon, it became a habit to try products that helped you save time – the next was gadgets.

Most people think that tech gadgets are fancy little toys which serve no real purpose, but honestly, they are a great investment – especially for busy professionals.

Of course, most people have already caught on – in fact, the market for wearable tech is expected to be over 19 billion dollars by 2018.

From gadgets which monitor your health and lifestyle to gadgets that can maintain your finances, the list is long and endless. However, I picked out the top 9 personal favorites of mine, especially for entrepreneurs who like to practice and preach productivity.

Let’s help those productivity junkies find some ‘effective’ tech gadgets.

1. Wocket Smart Wallet

A great device for entrepreneurs who are fed up with carrying hundreds of cards around with them. Just like the name says, it is a smart wallet!

It allows you to transform your entire wallet into a single card to conduct any transactions. This not only goes for just your credit/debit cards, but also voter cards, loyalty cards, etc. The device can turn up to 10,000 cards into a single one, and it is protected by bio-metric security.

A great gadget for those busy entrepreneurs, eh?

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2. Solpro charger

Most entrepreneurs whom are frequently on the move practically run their business on laptops, mobiles, and tablets. Think about the number of chargers they have to carry around with them.

So, we thought a charger that can charge multiple types of batteries would be a great device to carry in your pocket. And, what could be a better charger than a renewable energy source based, portable charger like Solpro?

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3. ZUtA Labs pocket printer

Another tech marvel. The smart robotic printer is portable and runs on a battery.

It is great for entrepreneurs because they usually travel a lot. All you need to do is connect the device to your smartphone or computer and take your print-outs in practically any size you want.

Besides using it for business travels, it can also be used on a daily basis. It can totally replace your bulky printers.

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4. Smart pen – Livescribe Echo SmartPen

Okay, don’t dismiss this as another fancy toy. Designed to work like just like any other ball point pen, it does so much more than that.

As you take down notes, the Echo Smartpen captures your notes and transfers them to the Echo desktops. What’s more, the pen captures audio, so you can reference exactly what was being said at the time that you jotted down notes.

The device is especially great for entrepreneurs who cannot carry around important files and notes with them.

Some of Livecribe’s other models allow you to connect with Bluetooth.

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5. Lockitron

Lockitron is one of those overlooked, but nifty tech gadgets. Simply put, it is a smart lock which can be used for your office or home. All you have to do is install the smart lock on your door, and you can operate it from your smart phone.

You can also enable a proximity sensor. So, if you are not close enough, the door gets locked; if you are close enough, it will unlock on its own.

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6. HAG capisco swivel chair

Office ergonomics done right can increase productivity on average by 11% (Source).

Ergonomics can not only boost your productivity, but it can help you avoid health problems like backaches and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

For starters, investing in a good ergonomic chair to sit and work in throughout the day is a good idea. HAG Capsico chairs are not only ergonomically sound, but they allow you to comfortably work at different desk heights with an adjustable body.

The chair also received a number of awards for its great features.

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7. Desktop punching bag

Entrepreneurs and even other working professionals are quite often in stressful situations such as waiting for funding, to land a deal, to meet deadlines, etc.

Science has already accomplished that punching a bag or a pillow is a great way to let out stress, and this desktop punching bag is clipped onto your desk. This way, you can punch out your stress anytime you feel like it.

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8. NextDesk Adjustable Height Desk

Another sensible buy for entrepreneurs who work on various kinds of projects – be it programming, or building a virtual model of the product.

An adjustable height desk is a not only ergonomically great, but it can also serve as an all-purpose work space. The desk allows you to alternate between standing and sitting while working, helping you reduce fatigue and backaches, as claimed on their website.

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9. Lifestyle gadgets like Fitbit

Health is a huge concern for the ever busy entrepreneurs. Getting a lifestyle gadget like Fitbit or Jawbone can help you monitor your physical activity and health indicators like sleep, heart rate, etc.

In fact, the data from these wearable tech gadgets, stored in cloud, can be used in your regular health checkups to look for any patterns. Instead of having to watch yourself every second of the day, gadgets like these can do that for you.

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 “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

                                                                       -Arthur C. Clarke

Author – Niraj Ranjan Rout

Niraj is the founder of Hiver, an app that turns Gmail into a powerful customer support and collaboration tool.