Beaute Mori Sdn Bhd is an upscale beauty centre for ladies of all ages who want to rejuvenate themselves and retain their youthfulness. Its Founder and CEO, Yen Chew, has come a long way to start this enterprise that aims to care for the beauty and wellbeing of a woman. In a recent chat session with Top 10 of Malaysia, the young entrepreneur narrates the story of her background, how she built her company, and what inspires her to persevere and gain success.

Beaute Mori’s headquarters exudes the kind of serene elegance that you can expect from an upscale beauty centre. Located in the bustling town of Kota Damansara, Beaute Mori is a go-to place for ladies who desires rejuvenation and cares for their wellbeing.

The humble background from which she came clearly did not deter gutsy Yen Chew from achieving the success she desires. She has been involved in various industries before coming in to land in the women personal care and beauty sector. “I have worked in so many different places after my schooling days,” says Yen Chew. “In those days, I could hardly wait to complete my formal education.”

“I started off with running a handphone shop in Shah Alam and after that, I took up a job in the electronics industry in Penang,” she elaborates. “Before long, I went to work in an insurance company which turned out to be the longest job I have ever held.” Although Yen Chew achieved considerable success with the insurance company, it was still not what she wanted in life.

In 2009 she started an online sales shop and it was met with instant success. Yen Chew cites a lack of competition in the products she dealt with and a tireless dedication that enabled this accomplishment of hers. It was at the insistence of family members that she went to explore the cyber world. Subsequently, Yen Chew started a business called Cell Story where she chose some 300 of the best online retailers that had been working with her to further her business plans.

However, the market was saturated and Yen Chew moved on to her next big business endeavor –  Beaute Mori Sdn Bhd, a company she established to  be the trendsetter in the modern wellness industry.

Turning 3 this year, Beaute Mori provides care for the beauty and wellbeing of a woman. The products are formulated from countries all around the world such as France and Japan.

“Ingredients like the antioxidant-rich Moringa, which has been studied extensively for its health restorative and disease fighting properties, can be found in the products,” says Yen Chew.  “Modellook- Diamond Lifting and Remodelling Essential Cream give the contour that every woman wants. This sculpting cream enables women to achieve the delicate silhouette and contour that they desire,” she adds. Her other iconic products include Sculpture DX which she says detoxifies and thus strengthens one’s immune system.

Yen Chew takes the challenges that she faces on a daily basis as the impetus for her to grow. To put it in her own words, “I don’t back down but instead I charge forward.” When asked about her idea of what constitutes success, she says, “Beauty products don’t only make women look better but they can also restore a woman’s confidence. Looking at my clients gaining their confidence back is the most fulfilling part of my career.”  “To me, that is meaningful success.”

It is amazing and inspiring just knowing what this dynamic entrepreneur has achieved at such a young age. Undoubtedly, the sky is the limit for Yen Chew who understands her own strengths, appreciates the uniqueness of being a woman and perseveres to deliver the best beauty products for women.


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