Motivated by the belief that every woman deserves to be beautiful, Queenie Kwok, CEO of 3Q Quinn Sdn Bhd (more popularly known as ‘3Q Queen’) decided to venture into business and establish her own company that sells health products in order to enable women to stay healthy and possess a stunning appearance. In a recent interview, Kwok speaks about the company that she had established, the challenges in the business and the hopes that she harbors.

Queenie Kwok, CEO of 3Q Quinn Sdn Bhd, leads a team of 2,500 at just 25 years of age. “I used to work as a telemarketer and later I took up a full-time job in an advertising company. After an unfortunate incident of falling prey to a scheme, I suffered some financial losses. The devastating incident made me lose confidence for a while. After some time, I wanted to prove to myself and my family that I could succeed in life and earn back the money that I lost due to the scheme,” shares Kwok. “I started working hard and finally set up 3Q Queen. I also managed to establish a name for my company in the marketing of health and beauty products through online retailing.”

When Kwok started out, there were not many online retail companies selling health and beauty related products. She seized this golden opportunity to be outstanding in this industry and her business started to flourish. “The motto of 3Q Queen emphasizes on 3 important qualities of the products. The first is quality as we want our products to be of good quality, the second is the quantity and the third is a qualification, which shows how our products are qualified to be in the market,” Kwok says with a sense of pride. “Our products are of a high standard and for our associates who manage to achieve their sales targets, our company would reward them favourably.”

3Q Queen also collaborates with qualified professionals in order to deliver the best to its customers, as they are consumers of the products. Kwok’s favourite quote is “One may not be born a princess but definitely could possess a heart to be a queen.”

The latest product of 3Q Queen is the Susenji Gold, a body massage gel that has many health benefits. “The product has multiple functions such as skin firming, edema elimination, skin whitening, and brightening and also acupoint stimulation.” Another well-known product by 3Q Queen is the Susenji’s Orange Mofa with its sourish-sweetish taste which has solicited many compliments from customers. Susenji’s Orange Mofa removes toxins from our body, cleanses the colon and even balances the PH level of the body, hence optimizing one’s overall health. “The drink could even prevent cancer cells from growing and helps burn excess fat from our body,” says the radiant and beautiful Kwok.

When asked about her personal and professional life, Kwok claims that as she truly loves her work, most of her time is spent focusing on her career. She is also truly grateful as her online business has achieved tremendous success within the period of 5 years. “My plan is to expand my business further in the area of fashion, and also the food and beverage industry.”

Kwok is a visionary leader who believes that a good leader should practice what he or she preaches and also set a good example to inspire his or her team. “I always tell myself to be an example of what I would want my team members to be.” Besides giving pep talks, Kwok says that a positive attitude at work is as infectious as a smile and it can bring tremendous results. “The greatest challenge I face is currently linked to human resource management. I believe that a willingness to listen to the problems of my employees and partners is a key to success.”

Kwok also believes that young people who are starting out in this industry should persevere, work hard, have a thirst for knowledge and learn as much as possible.


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