Kumpulan Aplikasi Sempurna Sdn Bhd or Aplikasi for short was established back in 2016 when it only had Azlan Fazly Mustaza, the founder and Amirah Syazwani, the then-personal-assistant for Azlan. Even before its incorporation, Azlan had already made his first million in 2015. But as things progressed, he began to wonder whether there was a better way to do SAP resourcing and payroll hosting; where SAP consultants did not have to deal with job uncertainties, where they can be well-represented and taken care of, and where clients can look for bona fide SAP consultants conveniently.

And that’s when he came up with aplikasi.us, the first online platform for both SAP consultants and clients. Launched in June 2018, aplikasi.us already has more than 400 registered SAP consultants as of March 2019 and what’s more exciting was it has already been deployed to the Philippines in October 2018. Under the inspiring leadership of Azlan, the company grew exponentially over the years. From two people in 2016, Aplikasi now has nine strong members in its force. The company’s accumulated revenue has reached about 20 million in 2018 and is currently in an active progression to expand vertically and horizontally.

Azlan’s leadership has always been focusing on bringing the best out of his team members. He believes that given the opportunity, everybody can grow and show their potential. He supports the members in pursuing growth and betterment, and he is even willing to send them to seminars and courses. Most of the people at Aplikasi barely have any related qualifications to their jobs but as long as they are passionate enough and share the same goals, they are a great fit for the company.

The work culture at Aplikasi is unique and fresh. Whilst most companies are hung on hierarchy and seniority, Aplikasi’s tree is more of a flat one. Everybody, regardless of their age and position, is welcome to give ideas and participate in debates and discussion. They believe that healthy engagements are ultimately beneficial for the company. It is one of the reasons for the company’s rapid growth.

The disruptive Aplikasi continues to bring about a new wave to the SAP resourcing business.  It is changing the way SAP is conducted by streamlining the process between SAP consultants and clients. Trustworthy and transparent, many consultants and clients are picking up Aplikasi.

On the local application development scene, Azlan has some words of encouragement. “When it comes to application development, many of us may not care. This is because too many applications are being developed without us knowing who the creator is. This mindset needs to be changed. As Malaysians, we need to prove that we are also capable of doing so with our own products and brands. Come on, let’s prove it!”


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