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“Young, ambitious with wisdom and responsibility” would best and most accurately describe Andy Yen Wei Xen in six words. He is the founder and Managing Director of Continental Top Motors Sdn Bhd (CTM), an authorized 3S dealer of Isuzu Malaysia Sdn Bhd. This ‘brainchild’ of his has reached great heights in the car and truck (sales and services and supply of spare parts) business in a time span of only 5 years. Yen, with a calm, steady and quiet demeanor, shares with Top 10 of Malaysia in a recent interview, about the business, how he moves to achieve success and his hopes for the company’s future.

“We began operating in 2011 and with the help and support from my parents, fiancée and 2 siblings, as well as from my dedicated and experienced staff, Continental Top Motors Sdn Bhd (CTM) has evolved to what it is today,” says Andy Yen, the Founder and Managing Director of CTM. The company, which has grown from a small group of 10 workers to a force of 50 very effective professionals, has its HQ in Seri Kembangan’s industrial estate area. The initial years were one of great struggle, especially with cash flow. But eventually the hard work paid off. Among the awards won by the company include top awards from Isuzu in 2015, the Asia Pacific Entrepreneur Excellence Award 2015 as well as Asia Top100 Honesty Brand Award 2015 for Honesty Entrepreneur and 100 Top Brands.

Besides CTM, another company founded by his father, Dato Dr Yen Yuen Choy, Continental Top Product and Engineering Sdn Bhd (CTPE), complements CTM’s business beautifully. CTPE which is managed by Yen’s elder brother, specializes in the body design, fabrication and assembly of light and heavy transport vehicles. It can make alterations to, or build from scratch, any vehicle body or parts as desired by clients. CTPE provides computer-aided design (CAD) services even as it handles orders from individuals and large companies alike. Very often Yen would channel his clients to CTPE when they require such specialised services for their trucks and currently, small entrepreneurs are getting their mobile food and kitchen trucks custom-made for their businesses.

CTPE, which also does spray painting jobs, stands out as a unique ‘one-stop’ motor vehicle center especially when clients also have the option of using his father’s company services. Yen’s policy is to be honest, honorable, humble and professional which is also woven into the fabric of his company’s business practices. He applies the Japanese model in management, sales and services and employs a Customer Retention Officer (CRO) to help retain CTM’s clientele apart from increasing the numbers.

“In 5 years’ time I see CTM expanding to 5 ‘One-Stop’ centers with added new services, and myself still working alongside with my loyal staff whether in the office, workshop, road show or anywhere else,” says Yen with a confident smile. “I hope to increase the number of our customers which include our loyal supporters like Nippon Express (M) Sdn Bhd and Nittsu Transport Services Sdn Bhd and make significant inroads into the Malaysian market share.”

“My greatest achievement so far is making CTM a success and in choosing my wife who is a great source of hope and moral support to me,” says Yen with a sense of pride in his eyes. “I rely on my father for guidance and my role model is Michael Jordan, the famous American basketball player, who inspires me with the sacrifices he made to achieve his dreams.” Yen’s interests are varied and they include IT, playing the guitar and drums, fashion and basketball.

As for management style, Yen believes in treating his staff like a family and working as a team with flexibility. Ideas are shared openly with much brainstorming that helps keep the team moving forward as one. His advice to young would-be entrepreneurs in this business is, “Work hard, be supportive, always look out for new challenges, make sacrifices, persevere and ‘Just do it’.”


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