AF7ECH to cater the demand of iPhone users

Aftech Group Sdn Bhd (AF7ECH) was formerly known as Afiq Alias Empire Trading. The business was founded solely by Mr. Muhammad Afiq Bin Alias in 2016 where at that time he just found out his passion of selling handphones especially iPhone among Malaysian.

Mr. Afiq himself was from a humble beginning. From the universities’ years, he was actively finding ways in making money. From selling small items such as junk food and soft drinks to renting out cars to students. From time to time he will diversify his skills in the business together with his small group of friends.

After graduating with honor in Degree in Finance, he started to build up his legacy by joining small gigs economy such as grab rider, selling ‘Nasi Lemak’ by the petrol station and selling secondhand phones. Until 2016 where he found out that iPhone has its own users and community.

Starting from there Mr. Afiq begin to set his mark as an iPhone seller in Shah Alam, Selangor. He recruited his own siblings as a part time worker in handling customers and delivery.

MCO (Movement Control Order)

During our beloved nation hit with the Covid-19 pandemic, Mr. Afiq did not seat still waiting for the pandemic to be over. He organized online meetings with staff where at that time only consist of five people. He keeps testing out ideas and revolutionized the way of doing business during MCO.

During the second wave of MCO he already had the plans and instructions to be given out to the staff. All the staffs initiated the plan perfectly and they give 100% effort in making Mr. Afiq’s vision into reality.

After two months opening up a proper store in Seksyen 13, he started to employ key player to organize a proper business planning in order to grow. At that time Aftech Group Sdn Bhd was born. Mr. Afiq implement the 6 key departments in the business which is sales, marketing, operation, human resources, finance and administrative.

Using the formula above, AF7ECH actively recruiting staff and continue to improvise ideas in marketing and operation. Finding the right reporting system for each department is imperative in order for the management of AF7ECH to grow. Every staff plays significant role in giving out input and propositions for the company to grow.

AF7ECH Family

In order to cater the increasing number of staff, Mr. Afiq decided to setup another office in Seksyen 13. The setup of the new office will be the defining business model for AF7ECH to cater the demand of iPhone users.

As at today, Aftech Group Sdn Bhd successfully employs 57 staffs and AF7ECH will continue to employ more staffs in the future. This will not be a successful mission if all the people involve did not play their part efficiently. Hence, their motto in the office ‘everyone efficiently play parts in every positions’.

“With the strength that AF7ECH had currently, we will open up a new opportunity towards other values in delivering a better service to the customers. Apart from iPhone, AF7ECH put an effort to bringing in android phones to the ecosystem. In terms of technicality of every ecosystem, every staff are sufficiently equipped with the proper amount of knowledge in order for them to deliver the best service to the customers,” Mr. Afiq said.


“Aftech Group Sdn Bhd will continue to deliver the greatest value to the staffs and to the customers. We will continue to provide job opportunities to the people as we are now targeting to employ 100 staffs within the end of this year.

“For us to strive in these challenging industries, we will always be very precise in making every decision,” he added.




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