ALAA Consultancy (M) Sdn Bhd excels in financial services, ⁠a Top Financial Agency in Malaysia attributed to the founder’s expertise and a dedicated team led by industry-renowned figures. Founded by a former banker turned visionary entrepreneur, the company thrives on comprehensive financial knowledge and building a ⁠successful company. Its leadership, including Chairman, Tan Sri Dr. Madinah Mohamad, CEO, Aziz Ahmad, and Managing Director, Husna Nashim, contributes distinct expertise. They drive success, innovation, and client-centric expansion, reflecting the firm’s commitment to excellence and growth.

“We aspire to be recognized as the leading financial support”. The core values of ALAA Consultancy revolve around integrity, expertise, and a commitment to delivering unparalleled services to its clients. Experience swift and efficient financial solutions with our fast loan services. ALAA Consultancy (M) Sdn Bhd’s dedication to ethical practices, and focus on client satisfaction, forms the bedrock of its operations. By harnessing a blend of experience, ALAA Consultancy continues to carve a niche for itself in the competitive financial consultancy sector.

Discover your eligibility for business loans with our expert consultancy. We provide a comprehensive suite of financial services, including business and project financing, advisory support, asset acquisition, debt consolidation, invoice financing, and mortgage takaful. Fuel your business aspirations with our flexible and competitive business loans. As top brokers and financial experts, we provide invaluable insights to guide you through the complexities of financing.

Existing ALAA Clients come from Most of the Top Public listed companies which established Sdn Bhd Company, renowned top brand from SME. In ALAA we will ensure to fulfil all the companies needed, rely on our expertise as the top broker, navigating financial landscapes for your benefit. With a team of experts, we will ensure prompt and efficient services to meet client’s urgent financial needs.

Armed with insights gained from client interactions, the founder spearheaded initiatives to develop tailored financial solutions. These were designed not as one-size-fits-all approaches but as customized strategies that addressed the specific goals, risk tolerances, and aspirations of individual clients. The founder’s commitment to understanding and catering to client appetites became a defining feature of their leadership.

One of the standout achievements during this period was the BUMIPUTRA BUSINESS EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2022 and MADE FOR THE WORLD EXCELLENCE AWARD 2023. The founder’s ability to foresee shifts in the economic landscape and adapt strategies accordingly demonstrated a keen foresight, setting the stage for what would later become the Top Financial Agency in Malaysia.

ALAA Consultancy Sdn Bhd has formed strategic partnerships with MySyarikat, Capital Asia Investment, Cinta Gaza Malaysia, Australia Malaysia Business Chamber Western Australia, and MDEC. These collaborations aim to enhance services, expand reach, and foster mutually beneficial relationships, marking a significant step forward for ALAA Consultancy Sdn Bhd.

Collaborative efforts with cross-functional teams led to the development of forward-thinking solutions that addressed contemporary challenges in the financial sector. This period of collaboration and ideation instilled in the founder a deep appreciation for the transformative power of collective intelligence, a principle that would later shape the collaborative ethos of ALAA Consultancy.

Unlock growth and sustainability with the Top Financial agency in Malaysia as business solutions designed for diverse industries. We cater to SMEs, Commercial, and Corporate. Elevate your financial landscape from Fintech, Sustainability Development, Healthcare, Development, Renewable, etc with different segmentation. Our personalized approach ensures targeted support, fostering efficiency, and sustainability. Unlock growth opportunities through our strategic business matching services.

The decision to transition from a distinguished career in banking to entrepreneurship was driven by the founder’s desire to extend the influence of innovative financial solutions beyond the confines of a single institution. The visionary entrepreneur envisioned a consultancy that would act as a catalyst for positive change, providing clients with not only financial services but a strategic partnership that embraced innovation and excellence. Partner with us as your dedicated funder, ensuring your financial success.


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