Amazon Global Selling held inaugural 2021 Amazon Expo-Seller Boot Camp

Amazon Global Selling held its inaugural 2021 Amazon Expo-Seller Boot Camp to further introduce cross-border e-commerce to micro, small and medium enterprise (MSMEs) and inform how Amazon global infrastructure and resources can empower them to develop a global business.

The Boot Camp featured a wide range of service providers who can support MSMEs in different stages of going global.

Amazon Global Selling also shared insights on the e-commerce landscape and prospects in Malaysia.

According to the survey released by Amazon Global Selling, Malaysia has more manufacturers and sellers developing cross-border e-commerce with 14.09 per cent of those joining the survey starting their journey of going global.

This is the second highest percentage among SEA countries like Singapore, Philippines and Thailand.

“Malaysia e-commerce is still a relatively new but rapidly developing sector,” said Bernard Tay, Head of Amazon Global Selling, Southeast Asia.

“The surge of demand for online shopping under the lockdown begets the digital model of doing business as part of the new normal, alongside business innovation and technological adoption.

“Based on our latest report, Malaysia MSMEs want to develop more robust capabilities for cross-border e-commerce, from understanding business models and international logistics to cross-border operation, regulation and foreign competition.

“Our first-ever Seller Boot Camp thus comes as a timely opportunity for small enterprises to identify the current gaps in their operations and arm themselves with the knowledge, resources, and connections to sustainably expand their business globally, and maximize their potential with Amazon,” he said.




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