The sand traders spouse is now here as a power player in the mining industry in Malaysia. Asal Jasa Sdn Bhd is a sand mining and trading company started by husband-wife duo Eddie Syarieman Samsudin and Mas Idayuni Hashim. They’ve been around the industry since 2017, started from the bottom down and progress lucratively, through persistence and hard work.

“Asal Jasa did not begin as a large corporation, let alone a top-tier River sand supplier. As someone who grew up in a simple family, our objective was fairly straightforward. We just wanted to get things done. But there’s one thing we can’t stand which is doing the bare minimum because we value excellence in all aspects of our lives. That, I suppose, is what keeps us going strong as we climb the ladder by not doing the bare minimum since it makes us sick to our stomachs to stay in the same spot knowing we can do more,” says Eddie.

Asal Jasa was merely an agency for iron ore and bauxite mining, assisting corporations in importing and exporting iron and bauxite under their licence. It was successful and that knowledge of being in the industry carved out the successful company that they are today.

“It convinced us of what we were going to pursue. We didn’t know how we have the courage to be determined to commit to something too soon but we were just glad we did as it is our best decision ever. We are now a steadfast mining company based in Malaysia. We produce and supply River Sand for commercial projects worldwide. We work with governments and multinational companies to develop, execute and maintain projects with operational excellence while being a first-class supplier,” shares Mas.

The integrated technical and operational expertise has proven to expedite projects safely, with certainty and reduced costs and schedules have made them so popular among the clients. This approach is based on the adoption of the highest standards of work, the respect of the environment and communities.

Mas aims to continue bringing up the organization’s name as the world’s best while maintaining her household in check adds.

“As for me myself, it’s always the uncertainty of continuing to cherry-pick between families and career but we managed to do both with a strong team willingly working together and building up some momentum towards our company’s goal,” she said.

In addition to being a world-class entrepreneur, the entrepreneur also shares, “ We’ve always worked we’ve always hustled because we have a clear sense that it will all come together in the nearest time. That is how we managed to provide the best services for our clients, tackle any challenges and continuously expand our operations through discovery and innovations.”



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