Carsome Group celebrates achievements and continuous growth to the used car market

Southeast Asia’s largest integrated car e-commerce platform Carsome Group Inc (Carsome) recently celebrated its seventh-year anniversary with trajectory growth across the region, off the back of over 260,000 completed transactions, millions of customers served through its platform and more than 18,000 cars sold per month across core markets.

Carsome Co-founder and Group CEO, Eric Cheng said it has been an amazing seven years that has seen the team through countless wins and some losses along the way.

“Today, we are still working tirelessly to solidify ourselves as Southeast Asia’s largest integrated car e-commerce platform and I am proud of my diverse, strong and capable team who have supported Carsome’s growth by delivering exceptional value to our customers,” Cheng added.

Five years into its operations, Carsome has successfully penetrated four core markets which is Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand by 2020, to emerge as the market leader in these countries. The pandemic did not halt its year-on-year growth; in fact Carsome’s business outside of Malaysia is expected to contribute up to 40 per cent of group revenue by the end of 2022.

As it expands ‘Phygitally’ across the region, Carsome currently has more than 120 Inspection and Experience Centers across the four markets that are interconnected by its established regional logistics hubs.

In its mission to innovate the used car ecosystem, Carsome also contributed towards the development of a skilled workforce and establishment of a strategic alliance to better serve customers’ needs with Carsome Academy.

Cheng concluded, “Despite the current climate of an ongoing global recession, demands for used cars continue to remain resilient in Southeast Asia. At Carsome, we are optimistic about our prospects and believe in a strong growth in this sector for the next five years.”




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