Behind a remarkable story is a legendary storyteller. Without a compelling reason for consumer appetite, the jewellery sector, which has been negatively impacted by the global recession, would never be profitable.

Castiel, a bespoke jewellery company founded by Jeremy Wong and his wife, Erica Choong, has served the purpose of communicating stories via its craftsmanship. It was inspired by the duo’s fervent desire to create jewellery pieces that imprinted one’s heart.

The humble beginnings grounded in a brilliant goal

Castiel, the modest bespoke jewellery business run by Jeremy and Erica, was established in 2020 and they opened their first store in Penang, Malaysia.

“Castiel signified an exquisite meaning for us. It means Angel of Thursday in its Latin origin, which is also the day my wife was born. I want the angel to protect the purity of this bespoke jewellery business forever and the integrity of our family that my wife and I have built together from nothing to such harvest, all this while. That was how Castiel named,” shares Jeremy.

“Listening to the amazing story from our client, we custom-made the jewellery piece exclusively for the appointed one. That is the aim, or so-called original intention of how we started our jewellery business, and it continues,” he said.

Witnessing numerous amazing stories about two lovebirds engaged to married couples with symbolic ornamental pieces, the copreneurs were determined to further accelerate the jewellery craftsmanship demand from 1-1 customization of engagement and wedding rings to high-end private jewellery customization.

“Everyone deserves their very own piece of luxury to elegant jewellery. Well, the fine jewellery trend just is not for wedding day anymore, it’s meant for yourself,” says Erica.

Dazzling mission beyond the vision

The award-winning bespoke jewellery company holds the firm principle of instilling certified diamonds and gemstones for merchandise satisfaction guarantee. And the consolidation of a la mode craftsmanship and in-house GIA gemmology expertise has made every audacious piece in tip-top condition. Therefore, Castiel takes a refined approach to providing first-class services to their clients by ensuring the highest level of craftsmanship and jewellery materials used.

Additionally, the copreneurs have adopted another great vision to collaborate with other SMEs as a helping hand so that other entrepreneurs will benefit from the company.

“The spirit of integrity in entrepreneurship is the next aim we are going to pursue. As future leading entrepreneurs, we just want to build a resilient connection and empower each other in the community to create and innovate better for advanced industries.

“Everything starts with sharing our client source to our business collaborators and making a name of themselves. For instance, friendly recommendations for other services, merchandise goods, and voucher giveaways,’’ the copreneurs shares.

Castiel welcomes any SME collaborator to break the ice and work together for further business expansion. Why wait for the right season when you can get all these perks right away from Castiel?

“Despite the challenges of fulfilling our first-class services guarantee and even unpredictable upheavals in the jewellery markets, we always get to work well together hand in hand in an analytical way. And communication is certainly the key to a win-win situation!” she exclaimed.

With their initiative and perseverance on the right track, the copreneurs happily expect to expand their very own company business in Kuala Lumpur and Johor in 5 years’ time. Nothing is impossible with Castiel.




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