If you’re not familiar with Dato Ivan Lim’s story also known as Ivan, he is just like every aspiring entrepreneur that wasn’t born in a wealthy family. Instead of saying he is passionate about what he is doing, we should be using the word obsession and maybe paranoid too.

That’s because in the competitive landscape of the business/commerce world, “only the paranoids survive”, a famous quote by Andrew Grove. If Ivan wasn’t ‘paranoid’ enough, he wouldn’t have orchestrated ORB Corporate towards success with his humble beginnings.

Ivan experienced early success in his life via his employee days with NTT Docomo in the early 2000s, traveling around the world to fulfill his role’s responsibilities, for many it would seem to be a ‘dream job’.

But his obsession with healthy living(well-being) and vision towards creating highly affordable healthy living solutions, commonly known as nutritional supplements that’s suitable for everyone made him pivot into giving birth to ORB Corporate, beginning with ORiBionature.

Since Ivan’s early days, he had shown absolute interest in two very distinct sectors, information technology, and science. So, without much hesitation, Ivan pursued a nutrition degree course in the United Kingdom (which had a major influence in ORiBionature, ORBCosmex which are a subsidiary of ORB Corporate).

And so after four years of his employee days, Ivan decided to go ‘full thrust’ with his obsessions at the age of 26 and started his journey in the highly competitive health & food supplement industry.

ORiBionature Sdn Bhd started as a marketing solutions provider enterprise, with a very strong emphasis on research and development. The main objective is to be on par and even surpass the industry leaders mainly those who are also Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for dietary supplements and skincare or cosmetics products.

Ivan’s deep understanding of the science behind these dietary supplements and skincare solutions gave him a chance to stand out from the pack! The all-in-one solution (R&D, manufacturing, patents, packaging, labeling, and after-sales training) that is provided by ORiBionature is simply different from what competitors have to offer.

ORB Corporate today consists of subsidiaries that range from dietary supplements, skincare, cosmetics onto the development of mobile with web applications that can help most people to solve their daily needs, a.k.a. striving towards becoming a global conglomerate!

ORiBionature, which is commonly known as a one-stop center OEM, offers the convenience to every aspiring entrepreneur to build their very own dietary/nutritional supplements brands which is worth at least $151 billion globally (as of publishing this article) and is poised to become a $308 billion opportunity by year 2028!

Just like any startups and enthusiastic entrepreneurs, Ivan had his humble beginnings too with just a small team, some of them are still with ORB Corporate till now! After at least 10 years of grinding and offering world-class offerings for its clients, ORB Corporate is now an institutionalized conglomerate with enterprises that has their respective divisions to systemize all the processes.

ORB Corporate is now situated in a facility with a build-up area of 54,000 square feet that consists of cutting edge manufacturing and packaging plants and it also has a complete laboratory to equip ORiBionature and other subsidiaries with R&D divisions.

Wisma ORB is now fully capable of manufacturing the most advanced dietary supplements, skincare, cosmetic products due to the verifications by U.S. FDA, ISO 22k, MESTI, HACCP, MOH/KKM, Halal Jakim, GMP 1 & 2, etc.

Many multi-level marketing firms, healthcare and supplement enterprises, online retailers, fitness centers, beauty centers from Malaysia, China (including HongKong), Singapore, Australia, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Romania, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan are loyal clients for ORB Corporate’s range of subsidiaries.

Ivan never stops in his path of nurturing ORB Corporate, soon ORBC will be expanding its range of offerings into the pharmaceutical sector.

The success of ORBC is fully credited to the dedicated team!



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