From parcel delivery to Malaysia’s fastest growing MYR 220M start-up in 3 months. Dr Parcel has come on in leaps and bounds since its inception. From simple beginnings as a parcel delivery company to becoming one of Malaysia’s fastest-growing start-ups in the span of three short months, Dr Parcel is on a mission to empower the SME ecosystem to grow globally without limits.

One of the most economical parcel delivery services in the country, Dr Parcel puts customers at the heart of its business. Its dedicated five-star customer service team works round the clock to ensure that expectations are not only met, but even surpassed.

How a local express delivery business turned into a global B2B tech-servicing platform seemingly overnight is best explained by Dr Parcel CEO Vincent Yeong who says, “The success is accredited to our hardworking team and their intact focus on innovation. All our services have recorded impressive traction and love from SME business owners, and we have also launched new SME services like Live Mall, Digital Marketing, and Account & Taxation to meet their demands.

“Our growth figures demonstrate our conscious efforts toward transforming the biggest SME ecosystem in Southeast Asia. We will continue to follow this philosophy and strive to bring more innovation into this ecosystem,” he added.

Dr Parcel provides a wide range of services dedicated to serving SMEs such as express delivery, international freight forwarding, digital marketing, manufacturing, business loans, and many more in addition. The company seeks to alleviate the issues that smaller businesses are all too familiar with, like running into shipping and delivery problems both locally and internationally.

Dr Parcel isn’t just about solving problems though, the company takes an active role in improving its client’s businesses. Its expert marketing team focuses on solving bottlenecks in clients’ sales and creating new channels for them to benefit from. Dr Parcel has also been behind the live stream promotions of various well-known SMEs and MNCs throughout Malaysia, arranging and organising the platform from which they can market themselves to a wider audience.

The quote “Talents wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships” is one that has resonated deeply with co-founder CH Beh. This is why Dr Parcel has set up The Internal Entrepreneur Program (IEP) as one of its strategies to produce and develop more industry talent.

“95% of our partners (employees) are local Malaysians and the difference I see between them and non-locals is that they are eager to succeed and super-innovative. This is why top management decided to incorporate their shareholder & founder roadmap with The Internal Entrepreneur Program. With a good team behind us, I strongly believe that we will be the first hectacorn company (valued over $100 billion) in Southeast Asia,” Beh said.

Dr Parcel has big plans for the future and these include becoming one of the leading B2B tech-servicing platforms in Southeast Asia and perhaps, later on, even the world. With a strong focus on cultivating in-house talent and equipping them with all the necessary entrepreneurial and management skills to be a success, the company hopes to promote 30 employees to become shareholders and top-level management of its subsidiary companies in the next five years or so – in line with the vision of the founding director of Dr Parcel, Thomas Lim.

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