Elevat8 creates a new online financial planning program for SME and companies

The current Covid-19 pandemic has prompted Lim Yee Von and Sabrina Tan, the two young financial planners to create Elevat8, a platform to facilitate and help professionals and companies to have a better understanding on financial planning.

Elevat8 provides complimentary financial planning advisory to all the employees and management of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) and companies operating in Malaysia. The first uniquely designed Financial Fitness Program (FFP) focusses on financial assessment in family protection or restructuring protection, cash liquidity planning during emergency or crisis and children education planning.

It is a custom made program in personal financial planning that will provide better understanding on how to manage their cash flow especially during crisis.

This program initially was designed for a face-to-face consultation but due to the lockdown, Elevat8 quickly transform the whole program to online.

“We took a leap of faith to go for digital transformation. We were so used to using the conventional methods of doing financial planning and we discovered there were limitation. Online and digital transformation has opened up many possibilities for us to reach out to our existing and potential clients,” says Lim Yee Von, Chief Executive Officer of Elevat8.

There were some resistance from their fellow peers in the beginning but as soon as they witnessed Elevat8 profound success in transforming their activities to online and digital, they received many positive feedbacks and many has started following their footsteps.

Elevat8 Chief Operating Officer Sabrina Tan added, “We are dealing with unprecedented levels of stress and anxiety in responding towards Covid-19. What employees and coworkers might need right now will be the ability to first manage their financial. With this program we believe it will further strengthen your whole organization when the employees and staffs have a better understanding on how they should manage their financial properly.”



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