EMAS Fintech’s First Regional Support Centre in Malaysia

EMAS Fintech Inc (EFI) yesterday announced the opening of its first Regional Support Centre in Malaysia to support its expansion and capitalise on the full potential of investment trading in the region.

Located in Malaysia, the EFI South East Asia (SEA) Regional Support Centre will support and offer the benefits of EFI’s cross-industry digital investment trading platform to regional investors. The centre will assist to integrate and aggregate investments, right size portfolios, provide access to wider industry data, apply predictive analytics to generate insights which can improve investment performance and productivity.

EFI chief executive officer Jason Kellady said, “This regional support centre is the first of six planned regional support centres. It represents the first phase of our business plan. In the next 24 months, we will gradually expand and increase our presence from Southeast Asia to East Asia, South Asia, Europe, Oceania and North America with an aim of 20 countries and regions,” he said.

These countries and regions include Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam in Southeast Asia; Mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, in East Asia; India in South Asia; Austria, Denmark, France, Greece and Switzerland in Europe; Australia in Oceania; and Canada in North America.

He said Malaysia is a suitable host to support its expansion plans. “We have evaluated different countries and decided to house our first regional support centre in Malaysia. We have started our talent acquisition programme,” said Kellady.

“We plan to recruit a core team of 15 to 30 specialists and account managers, then gradually expand to cope with demand from our subscribers,” he explained.



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