Employment Hero unleashes Swag to help SMEs win the Talent War

HR, payroll, and employee engagement platform Employment Hero is on a mission to reinvent the entire employment relationship with its new, world-first employment superapp, Swag.

With AI-powered recruitment functionality designed to streamline the job search for small-and-medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and jobseekers – and buoyed by a network of 200,000+ employers and 1M+ employees – Swag makes finding, onboarding, and rewarding talent easier.

Employment Hero’s core mission is to make employment easier and more valuable, which, to date, the company has done by digitising employment for SMEs by creating a platform that gives employers confidence in the accuracy, compliance, and transparency of their HR and payroll processes.

The next stage in the company’s development is tackling the employee side of the equation: making the traditionally tedious (and discouraging) task of job hunting better.

Debuting in the top five App Store business apps at launch, Swag introduces two core features for users in Southeast Asia: Work and Career to seamlessly integrate the recruitment journey into a comprehensive employee experience, with more benefits scheduled to be released on the app soon.

This evolution is spurred by the need to solve two massive issues in today’s employment landscape such as the struggle for SMEs to find and retain employees also the consumer cost of living crisis.

Ben Thompson, Co-founder and CEO of Employment Hero, said: “We are rapidly adding new features that will match candidates with a job before it’s even posted – and faster than the job boards can. In the next 12 months, we plan to replace even more manual tasks with AI, further streamlining the process and freeing up people’s time to focus on what they do best.

“Through AI and applications like Swag, the entire recruitment process can be streamlined and personalised. We developed Swag to help employers stand out in a competitive hiring market and to help jobseekers cut down on manual tasks such as sifting through open roles and writing up time-consuming cover letters,” he said.




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