Everpeaks raises RM1.4m via equity crowdfunding platform pitchin

Everpeaks, a Malaysian based omni-channel eCommerce solutions provider has successfully raised RM1,441,000 (USD339,912). It attracted 48 investors with 25.17 per cent of total equity offered through pitchIN, Malaysia’s leading equity crowdfunding (ECF) platform. The highest individual investment value was RM1 million (USD235,890).

The company is set to spread its wings, enabling European and American brands to penetrate the South East Asian market by making Malaysia their regional distribution hub.

Companies across the globe have experienced major changes in business conditions both amidst and post Covid-19 outbreak. The epidemic that changes societal trends, consumers’ behaviours and consumption patterns have impacted the online demand.

The situation brought upon a rapid changing behaviour of online channels with businesses shifting to invest heavily following the timely opportunity that was brought with the pandemic, with majority of them successfully transitioning into new eCommerce entities.

“A shift in both consumer behaviour and manufacturer opens up new opportunities within the M2C Commerce market and forms a golden opportunity for Everpeaks to push forward our Fulfilment By Everpeaks (FBE) business model. It is our vision to enable M2C commerce globally,” said Joachim Sebastian, CEO and Founder of the company.




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