Everpeaks unveil FBE integrated logistics platform

Malaysian based omnichannel ecommerce solutions provider, Everpeaks, on Friday launched Fulfilment by Everpeaks (FBE), a duty-free, integrated warehousing and fulfilment solution that facilitates global manufacturer to consumer (M2C) commerce.

Everpeaks in a statement said, the platform integrates marketplaces and websites, while connecting sellers to distributors and consumers, eliminating multiple layers of traditional retail operations and market barriers.

“This allows global brands to extend their reach by tapping into new markets, providing global sellers with instant Southeast Asian market access as its functions enable the sellers to create, control, and fulfil on-demand B2B bulk orders and B2C orders seamlessly.

“The FBE System is a robust technology platform that provides sellers with an omnichannel inventory management feature that is entirely agnostic, as it blends functionalities and is capable of integration with most pre-existing ecommerce suites.

“It optimises a total system solution that centralises orders, tracks inventory, and automates the fulfilment of orders received, enabling sellers to create shipping plans, send in shipments to the FBE Warehouse, as well as track and monitor shipments,” it said.

Meanwhile, the Founder and CEO of Everpeaks, Joachim Sebastian said that the Covid-19 pandemic overhauled consumer purchasing behaviour across the globe with supply chains bearing the brunt.

“FBE creates a unique offering to help global sellers stabilise the situation, transform the current supply chain landscape, and adjust to new market realities through a reliable technological infrastructure that provides a competitive advantage by increasing seller output multifold, creating a significant impact across markets,” he said.



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