FiO uses blockchain to fight coronavirus in Taiwan


Taiwan’s concern in response to the 2019-nCoV Coronavirus outbreak has forced its local authorities to strictly ration the distribution of surgical masks and alleviate manpower shortages in repackaging bulk supplies through the help of volunteers.

To facilitate this daunting logistical process, authorities created two open projects in a collaboration with the private sector, involving the likes of SaaS-blockchain enterprise FiO.

Teaming up with Taiwan’s Google Developers Group (GDG), FiO staff volunteered to help the local authorities and the GDG build a mask inventory system and logistical infrastructure that tracks the distribution and quantities of masks to the drugstores.

FiO has indicated that it intends to create an AI-driven blockchain for the inventory system if given the go-ahead. This will make the system’s data records immutable, cut costs and reduce the need for human labor.

According to the company, FiO plans to roll out similar solutions in Hong Kong and Singapore to help the public and restore confidence in its local authorities’ ability to protect them from the coronavirus.




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