Food trucks are starting a new breed of entrepreneur in Thailand


Food Trucks have grown popular in Thailand over the years, providing a healthy start for a new breed of entrepreneur.

Food trucks are expected to prosper after the government gave full support to a plan to attract self-starting entrepreneurs. Via SME loans and attractive interest rates from state banks.

Vichack Rattanasuwan, director of the Industrial Promotion Department, said that once appropriate measures are in place for food truck operators, the sector will grow sustainably.

Mr Vichack is taking charge of new entrepreneurs and business promotion.

“The department has teamed up with several state agencies and companies in the food and beverage business on further support for food truck entrepreneurs,” he said.

According to Mr Vichack, the department will provide many measures and programmes for food truck startups, including low-cost training courses, cooking classes and loans.

The department will maintain its network strength in the sector, he said, and food truck operators must pass safety and hygienic standards.

The Industry Ministry is underscoring efficiency in small and medium-sized enterprises, which include food truck operators.

“The department has been assigned by the ministry to increase the number of food trucks to 5,000 operators by 2023,” Mr Vichack said.

In addition, the government has allocated budget for soft loans to certified entrepreneurs, who must complete a full slate of training courses to be eligible. – CHIANG RAI TIMES


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