MATASIGHT Optometry was developed by the founder/CEO/Consultant Optometrist Mdm Zuraini Binti Kamaruddin in 2019. Down the lane, Mdm Zuraini was very passionate about Optometry since she was 13 years old. She was triggered to aim for Optometry to further her study at university level simply because she saw none of the optical shops in her hometown (Baling-Kedah) were owned by Malays.

Mdm Zuraini was offered a job as an Optometrist by a new optical chain store in Kuala Lumpur. After 10 months of her service, she quit her job to look for better opportunities. She then worked in one of the most influential optical shops in Malaysia where she had the opportunity to serve a lot of high-end clients including celebrities and VIPs.

She started to look for a better opportunity for her in the industry and started to build the idea for her future practice. She started aiming for the opportunity to work with ophthalmologist for further preparation in the primary eye care setting in medical sector.

With Allah’s will, in 2017, she was offered a position as a Senior Staff Optometrist and worked alongside Ophthalmologists, Pediatric Ophthalmologists, and Retina Specialists in SEGi Eye Care at both SEGi University and Thomson Hospital (previously known as Tropicana Medical Centre).

This is where she added her knowledge in managing patients’ eye problems related to diseases, trauma/accident, and most of all pediatric cases.

Focus on developing others

Mdm Zuraini aims to produce many great team leaders in both clinical and non-clinical areas, to grow with the company, to be successful, and to contribute a lot to the community. She believes she is capable to transform this ‘boat’ into a great ship with a great team leader. For her, there is never a one-person success but there is always great teamwork that can only bring the successful story of one- company.

Mdm Zuraini realizes that perfection is a myth! She believes there is always room for improvement at all levels, from the personal to the team to the overall organization.

She is always willing to help her team find ways to develop new skills or improve weaknesses, be able to identify and implement strategies for helping the organization as a whole grow, and, perhaps most importantly, be able to look inward and identify possible opportunities.

Challenges and problems are steppingstones for you to go higher- so face it!

Established on 26th January 2019, MATASIGHT Optometry has gone through ups and downs over the years. However, with the solid vision and mission of the company that Mdm Zuraini sets, she always upgrades the practice and the company in both clinical and management parts. She sets a high standard level for her Optometrist team to be achieved, to really put MATASIGHT Optometry as the leading company in primary eye care and pediatric optometry.

MATASIGHT Optometry uses the latest and advanced approaches to better diagnose eye diseases and vision problems. MATASIGHT Optometry aims to meet the community’s needs in eye care and vision efficiently and easily.

With this comprehensive eye examination, MATASIGHT Optometry provide and detect vision problems that are often neglected or late to be detected such as significant myopia which can adversely affect children’s responses especially their learning, and within years will be difficult to control.

Eye problems that can lead to permanent disability such as amblyopia, strabismus, glaucoma, retinal detachment, neovascularization, and other vision problems caused by chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and so on.

Trusted Primary EyeCare in Malaysia

MATASIGHT Optometry has been trusted by Malaysian general practitioners from family clinics to ophthalmologists in public hospitals, many of their patients have been referred to MATASIGHT Optometry. Some of their clients do came from Kuantan, Negeri Sembilan, and Perak.

They bring their parents and children for an eye examination with MATASIGHT Optometry due to the lack of Primary Eyecare in their area. Yes, there is still a lack of Primary Eyecare in our country, and MATASIGHT Optometry is one of the most trusted Optometry Practices in Malaysia.

MATASIGHT wants to ensure that the community does not consider getting an eye examination as a burden. In fact, they want it to be considered as their routine to get a thorough eye examination every year starting as early as 5 years old.





Zuraini Kamaruddin Matasight at school Matasight (1) Matasight


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