Government should show more attention to SMEs


Small and Medium Scale Enterprises, or more commonly referred to as SMEs, are currently struggling and finding it hard to find their feet and form and need more attention and assistance from the government.

While every sphere of the economy needs the direction, guidance and assistance of the government, SMEs should be accorded special treatment and preference as they make up a sizable portion of the Malaysian economy.

While the government has been prudent and wise in overseeing the well being of SMEs in the country, there should be grants, allocations and technology transfer and knowhow and expertise to be given to them.

The government must not just give once off attention and help to SMEs, but the relevant ministries, departments and agencies must collectively monitor their progress to ensure that they are doing well and are a success.

Owing to the fact that most SMEs do not have the clout of multinational companies they are automatically relegated to a lower category and need to be directed and guided so they can also grow big and strong as businesses.

Other suggestions by economists and SME insiders include building a wide network or a strong chain of entrepreneurs who can help steer these companies by imparting knowledge and experience in business to them.


** The views expressed on this opinion is of the writer and not the publisher



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