Success stories are always crucial and essential to telling as they motivate others to achieve their personal goals in mind and prepare individuals for the upcoming hurdles. Hence, the Chief Executive Officer of Griffin Solution PLT, Shah Rezza bin Haji Sulaiman succeeded in putting his dream, The Griffin into life.

It is fascinating to know that the Griffin Solution, which has been a big name in the manufacturing and training services industry since 2010, was started by two people.

Yes, the organization came into being back in 2010 with the efforts of only two people and running two entities in the business segment. However, they all know how huge the name has established itself. The organization has expanded its wings from Seremban to the Kuala Lumpur office, enhancing its staff number from 2 to 15.

So, how did Griffin reach out to the family of 15 from 2? Reaching this position in the world market was not an easy task. It needs immense effort and extreme determination to reach its preset goals. However, Shah Rezza have always believed in a well known quote, “The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.”

The same is why they took all their failures as an opportunity to learn from their mistakes. So, what was the turning point of his life? What motivated him to start a journey?

“Well! It all started back in 2005, when I was a freshly graduated IT engineer, having an advanced diploma in technological degree in hand and great dreams in mind.

“And in my opinion, the future only belongs to those who are confident enough to believe in the beauty of their dreams. Fortunately, I was always confident enough for this task. Hence, I started as a Telesales consultant, where I had to do outbound calls. People show hesitancy in pursuing minor jobs at the start of their careers. Trust me; it is one of the biggest reasons they never achieve their dreams.

“Nevertheless, I soon stepped onto the next ladder. I became a HR (Human Resources) at a well-known organization, involved in manufacturing work. I stayed there for four years, facing challenges and strains and converting the impossible to possible. The driving force for me at that organization was nothing but the word ‘IMPOSSIBLE’, as the word itself declares ‘I M Possible’.

“Even though I belonged to a middle-class family, I was privileged enough by the grace of Allah that all my family members were the biggest support system of my life. They kept me motivated and supported me in achieving my life goals. And Alhamdulillah, I am now materializing all of my dreams one by one. And Insya-Allah, the creator, will one day transform all of them into a never-ending reality,” he said.

Services provided by Griffin

Griffin is an organization that provides services related to manufacturing and training along with consultancy. Their manufacturing segment is more on Plastic Injection Molding, where they are second tier processes for most automotive parts, O&G and commercial products.

On the other hand, in training and consultancy, their focus is in-house. In addition, Griffin also arranges training programs for multiple well-known companies such as MNCs, GLC & SMEs throughout Malaysia.

Their approach

 “The main focus of both of our segment products is customization. That means we provide manufacturing services based on client’s needs and preferences. For this purpose, we have skilled designers and consultants who ask meaningful questions and use their experiences to understand the client’s needs and design the mold accordingly.

“As a service provider, we design and customize the proposals and programs through the preset objective. We welcome all of our customers to access our official website-, or our Instagram page. We are proud to say that our organization is ISO certified, and we don’t compromise with quality.

“We know customer feedbacks are the backbone of any firm’s goodwill. Nonetheless, Griffin had very good feedback and testimony from our prospective clients,” said Shah Rezza.

The CEO knowledges

It is said that, “Fall down seven times, get up eight times.” This is what Griffin believes. The most important lesson is to learn to not jump into conclusions immediately. The journey is still long. However, nobody knows the pain of falling the seventh time and the courage you need to stand for the eighth time.

“The same is why success stories sound easy when read, yet the journey is very difficult. The main secret to struggle lies within the unexpected challenges an entrepreneur has to face. Nevertheless, as I said in the beginning: every failure is a lesson for me. The same is why I remember all lessons learned as I lead Griffin Solution,” he added.


You can not stay focused all the time. Hence, there are spans when you start to lose vision.

“There are some quote, ‘Vision without action is a daydream.’ Action without vision is a nightmare; hit me hard. The Plan-do-check-act (PDCA) is one of the promising methods to be followed.

“If you set your goals ridiculously high and it results in a failure, you will fail above everyone else’s success. The least we can do is to set the target as high as possible. If we fall, I believe we are still in helicopter view, which means we are above from the level that we used to be,” he said.

The intriguing part

The most interesting part of Shah Rezza life is giving breath to his other life, Griffin.

“However, these journeys are difficult yet possible if you cater to the plan and surround yourself with QOP (Only Quality People). It’s all not a one-man show. But as a team, we move forward and we could get a great mentor to assist us time by time.

“We have tried to fulfill all our promises to clients by delivering the assigned tasks and operations on time. Giving value for money is our top priority. The same is why we ensure a quality output with a fast response to our client. It simply means we are ready to serve our clients 24/7 around the clock,” he said.

What sets them apart?

Always Learning; Griffin believes that learning should never stop. And they know learning will surely help the Griffin family (all the firm’s employees) to reap maximum benefits. And as it is said, a happy employee is always equal to a loyal employee and a great human asset.

“We want our family to expand and benefit customers from all around the world. The same is the reason that we are expanding our wings not only in Malaysia but throughout southeast Asia. For this reason, we are upgrading our social media and online presence to be a more interactive and user-friendly guide to most prospective clients,” he added.

The future goals

Griffin plans to expand its factory to be one of Bumiputera’s leading Plastic Injection Molding and be one of the preferred training providers in Malaysia as they want to go on a big scale by following the current trend of approach, which is IR 4.0.

Plus, Griffin will have its building and cater great support continuously to its client and Stakeholder (Trainers). Griffin targets to train 1 million employees in the next five years too.

The bottom line

“Learn as if you will live forever, live like you will die tomorrow.

“Trust me; this phrase has taught me a lot in my journey. However, I still have very big dreams to conquer. One of those aims is that this beauty organization will be the feeder for more than 20 over families and will be one of the main contributors to our beloved nation.

“And I believe that by growing Griffin empire in the next two to three years rapidly, I will fulfill one of it. Last but not least, ‘Jadilah budaya merenung, jauhkan budaya termenung,” said Shah Rezza.


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