Hometown Exhibition staged debut in Tokyo

Hometown Photo and Art Exhibition, co-hosted by Branding Shanghai and Tokyo Biennial, kicked off its first edition at Tokyo Biennial in Tokyo on 15 December as part of the ‘Shanghai. Let’s Meet’ city campaign in Tokyo to further enhance the relationship between the two metropolises.

As the pre-exhibition of Tokyo Biennale 2020, Hometown Photo and Art Exhibition in Tokyo is a group show of three excellent Chinese and Japanese artists, selected by 3331 Arts Chiyoda and experts in China and Japan art industry.

The exhibition will be shown from 15-18 December at 3331 Arts Chiyoda, connecting Shanghai and Tokyo through photography and art, and showcasing the two cities’ richness in culture and diversity. The concept of Tokyo Biennale 2020 is ‘Purity’ x ‘Earnestness’ x ‘Deviation’, from ‘individual’ to ‘us’, and is a celebration for the new city and culture that we ourselves will build.

During the exhibition launch, 3331 Arts Chiyoda General Director and Tokyo Biennale Art Director Masato Nakamura, Japanese artist Tsubaki Noboru, sociologist Yoshitaka Mori, Shanghainese visual artist Kim Ye, Japan based Shanghainese artist Kenryou Gu, Branding Shanghai President Jasmine Pang have unlocked an international dialogue on city positioning, cultural policy, social institution and arts education in comparison between Shanghai and Tokyo.




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