Klinik Pakar Kulit Ko Sdn Bhd among companies awarded at Made For The World Excellence Awards 2021

Made For The World Excellence Awards 2021 is an entrepreneur empowerment programme and forum that recognises the achievements of entrepreneurs in Malaysia who actively conduct businesses through e-commerce, exports and online in penetrating the international market.

The award is introduced by NiagaTimes with the support of The Malaysia Voice media to appreciate the contribution of economic heroes to the business industry, especially their commitment to help generate national income during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Year 2021 saw some 60 outstanding companies including international giant corporations and brands receiving the coveted recognition – ‘Made for the World’.

Among the winners this year were Klinik Pakar Kulit Ko Sdn Bhd, who took home the International Category Award (Asia’s Trusted Brand of The Year in Dermatology and Laser Treatment) for its achievements in providing high quality services in dermatology, medical aesthetics and plastic surgery, with sales amounting to some RM30 million it is the largest skin, aesthetic and laser centre in Malaysia with 37 centres and is a leader in the field in the Asia region.

Other receipients included BubbleBee Sdn Bhd, Rassalab Global Sdn Bhd, Mizsviashoppe, Dermova Sdn Bhd, Aikha Hardware Sdn Bhd, Nutriva International Sdn Bhd, Nizamsculpture Studio, Juang Group PLT, Saudagar Group Holdings Sdn Bhd, Asal Jasa Sdn Bhd, Intelligence Qalifah Education Learning Centre Sdn Bhd, Aydamor Signature, Brandchem Sdn Bhd and Keygees Resources.

There are also Bella FR Korean Beauty, JAC KL Agency, Twenty Third Sky Sdn Bhd, 5Luxe Scents Sdn Bhd, GECS Resources Sdn Bhd, Qrera Sdn Bhd, If Kitchen Sdn Bhd, MTG Capital Sdn Bhd, LF Barakah Sdn Bhd, Magnovas Holding Sdn Bhd, Felement Sdn Bhd, Shang & Co, Armada Tanzeel Sdn Bhd, World Marketing Work Sdn Bhd and Smart Task Security Sdn Bhd.




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