MDEC’s Go-eCommerce Expo to boost e-commerce conversions

The all-new Go-eCommerce Expo, a Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) initiative that focus on empowering local businesses to address ongoing economic uncertainties, introduced to attendees the rapidly growing ‘Live Streaming E-commerce’.

Billed as the next frontier for online commerce, participants from micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) were given the opportunity to expand e-commerce capabilities through the inspirational discussions that industry leaders shared during the three-day event.

Popularly known in Southeast Asia as ‘Shoppertainment’ or ‘Social Commerce’, live streaming e-commerce uses tech innovations to merge shopping with entertainment and social experiences. Ensuring customers will ‘watch, play and stay’, it allows sellers to bridge the omni-channel retail gap as consumers don’t visit a physical store to see a product, speak to a store attendant or fulfil an order.

The Director, E-Commerce Division of MDEC, Song Hock Koon said, Go-eCommerce Expo was inspired by the success of MDEC’s e-Dagang Expo in May this year, and the pressing need for platforms that allow businesses to learn, network and receive support when they deploy digital tools into their operations or strengthen their digitalisation capabilities.

“In this three-day event, we were able to engage over 3,000 registered participants and captured more than 30,000 viewers for streaming content. All of them learned how they can diversify their revenue streams and further capitalise on changing consumer behaviours via live streaming e-commerce.

”Industry leaders also provided wide-ranging insights from coming onboard to setup and working with digital payments, using influencer marketing and sharing about next-gen logistics. All of that certainly demystified this opportunity that is now taking the region by storm,” he said.




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