Virtual event once was an innovative idea that’s hardly accepted but it is now the trend for one to stay present in the present moment and closely connected to the community of sports.

MOVE-ON, an innovative shining star of the health industry which tapped on integration of sports and technology to promote healthy living for the sports lovers. The app acts as personal workout record, statistics and self-improvement monitoring, what is even more enticing is that the specially made medals will be delivered to the users’ doorstep as a reward for maintaining one’s well-being. It is indeed a win-win approach in keeping a healthy lifestyle.

Max Soh, the founder of MOVE-ON is a jogger who used to jog the conventional way, until the idea pops into his mind to overcome the geographical challenges that led to the birth of MOVE-ON. He was hoping so much that everyone could just conquer the geographical restriction to enjoy jogging and to participate in any competition afar by just turning on an app in the mobile phone to accomplish the mission on their palms.

With the technological advancement, sports such as jogging and cycling can be done on ground or virtually. The brand concept of MOVE-ON is crafted on the vision to keep everyone moving on, syncing with its motive, MOVE-ON organizes minimum 3 campaigns a month with a motivational motive to keep up to the momentum in order to cultivate a healthy habit for the people leading to healthier lifestyle.

MOVE-ON is the expert in providing virtual platform for public to perform running and cycling activities and organizer for sport events and marketing advisory services, including e-commerce on merchandise products.

For instance, a ground competition collaborating with the Top Malaysian satellite TV and IPTV provider is in the midst of preparation and it is expected to take place in March 2022.

MOVE-ON is not just a platform for event, but also to educate and train the public for healthy body, mind and soul as it was believed that spiritually-uplifting is the essence to healthy lifestyle. Therefore, apart from concentrating in its core business activities, its future developments related to health activities to be associated with MOVE-ON in the coming years will be focusing on educating the youth, besides, MOVE-ON is also tapping into the corporate’s work-life-balance trend to spur further the awareness of healthy living.

Apart from providing the users with a convenient way to enjoy leisure activities, to track and to monitor progress, the unique function of MOVE-ON that makes it stand out from other health-monitoring apps is the integration of technological-advanced yet user-friendly features including event-enabled feature, leader board, team challenge that allows to team up for more fun and gaming reward programs etc.

Besides, MOVE-ON also collaborates with the sport giants such as Puma, Under Armour, Asics etc. MOVE-ON’s multi-functional features is an app more than an event registration portal, but also a personal health monitoring-recorder equipped with leader board for challenges and to motivate the users by keeping them up to the trend of the sports worlds.

Nevertheless, continuous improvement and development to delight the users while striving to stay healthy is its utmost priority. According to Max, it was tough during the initial stage of the start-up as it was not favoured back then.

However, the even tougher was the transformation of the deeply rooted habit of the people.

To Max, MOVE-ON was an additional ‘game’ that could cultivate healthy lifestyle for himself and his concentration to grow this ‘game’ wasn’t at its full force, but when technology evolves and changing the overview of the sports world, the spike of MOVE-ON ushers in the dawn when virtual running becoming more acceptable by the people.

The doubt on worrying the acceptance level of the concept has been cleared when more people started to run virtually and making use of MOVE-ON for more fun-filled sports activities and competitions.

From zero to one is always tough, but Max is happy to see the changing habit of the users with a new page of healthy living flipped by MOVE-ON.

One of the remarkable achievements was the world’s challenge launched in 2018 with 12-events and the puzzle-like medals offered, the unique gimmick successfully creates awareness for Malaysian sports lovers and also attracted users from Indonesia and Philippines. The strong foundation laid before the strikes of pandemic prepared MOVE-ON to sail through the crisis with flying colors.

‘Timing is the key’ – Max concluded the progress with a simple yet meaningful note. With the recognition gained and in the years to come, MOVE-ON anticipated to achieve 1-million users in the next 5-years with more collaboration with universities, schools, government bodies, corporate organizations and media etc.

For collaboration with MOVE-ON, please email to or WhatsApp to +6011-26166839.




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