MPC launched Business Regulations Virtual Advisory Clinic

Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) launched Business Regulations Virtual Advisory Clinic (BR-VAC), which aims to assist businesses in managing legislative, procedural, and compliance challenges via one-to-one online consultations.

Business regulations is the latest area of virtual advisory business model helmed by MPC, an online platform for enterprises to seek advise and recommendations on issues and challenges surrounding their business operations. Two areas which have started earlier are tourism and mechanical and engineering.

Director General of MPC, Datuk Abdul Latif Abu Seman emphasised that the impact of Covid-19 has brought the country to the economic slowdown where business activities hence the growth decreases tremendously.

He added that the virtual advisory clinic model is one of MPC’s efforts in embracing the new normal, where dedicated advice and counsel are delivered at a distance to assist enterprises to accelerate business growth and intensify productivity progress for economy to recover rapidly.

“Business regulations are the obligatory parameters to manage new entries and existing enterprises. BR-VAC by MPC responds to queries on the roles and functions of regulatory bodies, legislative compliance, and regulatory challenges in order to assist businesses in reducing the unnecessary burdens to operate seamlessly.

“As business activities start to increase now, the new normal calls for business environment to be more conducive, supportive, and encouraging for economic growth to accelerate robustly,” he said.

Enterprises especially the micro, small, and medium companies are encouraged to leverage the complimentary advisory services offered by MPC for insights and recommendations in managing business barriers effectively.

Advisory sessions are conducted by industry experts with knowledge, experience, and expertise in the relevant area of consultation.



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