MRANTI launches 5G innovation national testbed to propel enterprise and industry solutions

The Malaysian Research Accelerator for Technology & Innovation (MRANTI) launched the national testbed for 5G innovation at MRANTI Park in Bukit Jalil, yesterday.

In addition to being 5G-ready, MRANTI Park offers full-fledged infrastructure, facilities and services to support the commercialisation of new 5G technologies across the innovation development lifecycle. This includes access to cutting-edge equipment, high-speed computing facilities and resources, as well access to and support from industry experts.

Plans are underway to develop a 12km autonomous vehicle living lab in the vicinity, in addition to a 5-acre drone centre of excellence to advance the development of Industry 4.0 solutions.

The Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Chang Lih Kang said that MRANTI will be the nucleus for the development and deployment of wide-ranging transformative societal and sectoral applications using next-generation technology.

“The launch of MRANTI 5G Experience Centre is a significant milestone to fast track new innovations that will improve the way we live, work and play in a more enriching data-driven future. Designed for prototyping, testing and development, the MRANTI 5G Experience Center will complement a growing number of 5G innovation facilities in Malaysia,” he said.

Chang called for more early adopters to propel the growth of Industry 4.0 solutions, with the use of 5G technologies. In lending the government’s full support in various aspects.

Meanwhile, the Chief Executive Officer of MRANTI, Dzuleira Abu Bakar said, having proof of concepts is one of the steps in winning over enterprise confidence for 5G adoption and the national testbed propels this, and they aim to funnel as many of these along to be commercialised.

“I would like to welcome innovators, infrastructure service providers, telcos and enterprises looking to partner on programmes, collaborate to develop a 5G Proof of-Concept, test or showcase a 5G solution, or learn about applied 5G to connect with us at MRANTI,” she said.




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