Passion and Optimism are the Keys to Success


“Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. It is meant for the bold, future-oriented and thick-skinned problem-solvers. If you were to be an entrepreneur, you must know what you want, what your forte is and just focus on it,” says Mohd Syahrul Nizar bin Haji Abdul Ghani, the co-founder and CEO of Suria Infiniti Sdn Bhd.

Born and bred in the middle city of Kuala Lumpur have taught Mohd Syahrul Nizar that life is not easy. However, the hardships he went through during his early days and strong support from his family has shaped the person he is today; someone who is hardworking, optimistic and passionate.

After graduating as a Wireman at PW2, he started his career journey as an Electrical Technician with MK Land Holding Berhad and has been working with that established house developer for almost 3 years before moving to Masteron Sdn Bhd. At Masteron Sdn Bhd, he was given a trust to manage and supervise the maintenance department.

Mohd Syahrul Nizar career commenced in Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Industry when he started his job with Bestium Technologies Sdn Bhd as a Senior Project Engineer. Being there for almost 6 years, he had the opportunity to polish his skills in developing the Solar PV system starting from costing stage, designing and developing until operating and maintaining the system. His bright talent was then noticed by Quantum Silver Sdn Bhd, one of the Solar PV developers in Malaysia and he was offered the position of Associate Director of Technical in the company. In 2012, Mohd Syahrul Nizar took his bold move and founded Suria Infiniti to start running his own business.

“I was around 32 years old and many were sceptical about me running my own business. There were plenty of competitors, especially the experienced ones,” he says.

“Nevertheless, I took the challenge. I did have a lot of support from clients I used to work
with, my parents, my wife and my friend. Without them I don’t think I will get this far,” says the 38-year old visionary entrepreneur.

Suria Infiniti is a solar energy services company dealing with the production of solar energy as well as Solar PV installation. From just the start as a Solar PV installer, it is now known as one of the successful Bumiputeras’ Solar PV Service Provider and Developers in Malaysia.

Mohd Syahrul Nizar, who is competing in the Solar Energy System category of the Malaysia Excellence Business Award 2018, says that he is more than contented with the achievements of the company. “When you have been in an industry for so long, the only source of satisfaction is seeing your efforts and creations being recognised by the government,” he says, referring to the company’s involvement in the Large Scale Solar joint venture with TESDEC who is a subsidiary company of the Terengganu state.