POMEN Rider Programme, opportunities for GIG mechanics

The rapid development of the gig economy which is contributing towards a significant economic growth in Malaysia is definitely taking over the labour market, especially during the current economic climate.

The gig economy continues to change the standard of common jobs around the world. One of the highly anticipated jobs coming into the gig economy is mechanics.

Aware on the demand from drivers and the current digitalisation phenomena that was brought upon by the pandemic with consumers preferring to shop online even to pick their mechanics rather than drive to a workshop, POMEN Autodata Sdn Bhd (POMEN) embarked on a new journey to empower the gig mechanics via their platform.

POMEN on Thursday announced their POMEN Rider Programme with their first onboarding phase of 48 mechanics signed up covering Klang Valley, Seremban and Ipoh.

“We saw the increasing trends of jobs being converted into the gig economy and noted that mechanics being a skilled trade, is amongst the highest in demand and feel that vehicle owners would surely like to order a mechanic in real time through a trustworthy App.

The programme benefits both mechanics and the consumers.  It is high time that mechanics come into the gig economy environment.

“With our experience managing the POMEN App, this extension, we hope will promote a more transparent marketplace that will in turn create confidence to consumers and open more opportunities for the gig mechanics,” said Syed Zulhilmi Tuan Sharif, the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of POMEN.




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