Dato’ Jerel Soo, founder of Worldex Asia Group shares with NiagaTimes on his company’s establishment as a leading supplier of disposable gloves. Soo’s hopes and vision is to improve the lives of people by providing the best in healthcare solutions.

Born and raised in Seremban, Dato’ Jerel Soo graduated in 2006 from Stamford University with an advanced diploma in marketing and mass communications. “After my graduation, I worked with the top 5 exhibition companies within the ASEAN region from 2006 to 2008. In 2008, I decided to establish my own company called Worldex Asia Group,” reminisces Soo. “The company started out with organising exhibitions for industries such as oil and gas, medical, aerospace and gaming. Later, it diversified and supplies disposable examination gloves to the healthcare and medical products industries in 2019.”

Worldex also provides big data for medical manufacturers around the world. “This projected the company upwards in one of the world’s largest and fastest growing industries due to the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) demands globally,” shares Soo. “The demands are still increasing to more than 500% due to the Covid-19 pandemic.”

“We are a leading supplier of disposable examination gloves made from nitrile and latex. We produce over 5 million boxes of our own glove brand, Royal Care every month,” says Soo. “Our stringent quality control on all Royal Care gloves offer assurance that users will only get the safest and most comfortable high quality gloves.”

When asked on the company’s hopes and vision, Soo enthusiastically shares, “Our hopes and vision is to improve the lives of those we serve through the best healthcare solutions. We strive for excellence every day and continuously improve our services in order to serve others better.”

However, Soo also faces notable challenges when running his company. “One of the most notable challenge we are facing is the demand of PPEs being higher than our supplies. It is good for business but shipments are delayed due to cost reduction in air freight and shipments,” says Soo. “With our current business projection, we aim to be the first choice as a medical disposable supplier in all the communities we serve in more than 30 countries worldwide.”



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