Sabalan Goods Sdn Bhd was founded in 2020 by Hamid Hosseini and his wife, Suriana Jasnan. Hamid was an executive chef who worked in various hotels and fine dining restaurants from a traditional kitchen in Tehran, a haute-cuisine kitchen in Dubai and a modern Mediterranean kitchen in Singapore.

Suriana Jasnan is the co-founder and Managing Director who works together with Hamid to grow their professional and personal brands. Malaysian-born Suriana graduated with a diploma in nursing, which sparked her concern for health care.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had an adverse effect on the hospitality and tourism sector. The life motto that Hamid lives by is to believe in yourself to be persistent in the face of adversity and to treat failures as opportunities.

He bravely took one step risk to start the natural food business in Malaysia when the pandemic hit the world.

The ideas and spirit come from his brother, Executive Chef Mohamad Hosseini who at the time was the owner of a fine dining restaurant and supplied honey all over Singapore – from suppliers to hotels to provide healthy options for Singaporean health and wellness.

Coming from a medical career background, Suriana is well aware of product quality and safety.

“Choosing quality products especially honeys and saffron isn’t easy. Every product goes through a strict inspection and we offer only selected, premium and unique products,” she explains.

“We noticed that the choice of quality saffron in Malaysia and foreign market is very limited. Poor quality saffron or mixed with other ingredients makes it useless for our health,” she adds.

“Most people think, honey is just honey with a sweet taste. But natural honey actually comes with a different texture, aroma and flavour depending on bees and nectar types. If we learn about the bees and honeys, the whole process is amazing!” says Suriana.

Now, two years since its establishment in Malaysia, Sabalan Goods has three stores in Johor and supplies its products to five countries. Suriana believes that customer satisfaction is important to ensure the success of a company.

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you do, you will succeed,” she added.

Suriana certainly has plans for the business, “Our mission is to improve a healthy lifestyle through premium natural products for all consumers.”

Through determination, hard work and teamwork the company achieves success. Their planning and strategy led the company to extraordinary growth and increased the Sabalan Goods brand to a larger customer base in foreign markets with the mission of becoming a unique natural food product supplier company.




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