Selangor Aviation Show 2021

Invest Selangor Berhad with its dedicated aerospace division S-DAICO, launches the state’s latest initiative, the Selangor Aviation Show (SAS) 2021.

Themed ‘Selangor, the ASEAN Business & General Aviation Hub’, SAS 2021 is a networking exposition designed as a catalyst for all relevant stakeholders to dialogue, share knowledge and offerings poised to revitalize the industry in the post-Covid-19 environment.

SAS 2021 is dedicated to providing an invaluable opportunity for high-level networking and market penetration prospects with industry players from a range of sectors including commercials, the business aviation, general aviation and helicopters sub-sectors of the aviation industry in Malaysia and potentially in the region.

This event will bring together the world’s best of aerospace and aviation, creating potential business and investment opportunities in both domestic as well as in international stages targeting to draw at least 5,000 visitors and at least 30 exhibitors from local and international companies, SAS 2021 features static aircraft displays, forum, edu open day and exposition featuring key industry players.

Dubbed as the aviation and aerospace growth area with two airports and the highest air traffic in the country, Selangor promises the most conducive ecosystem, housing over 200 Aerospace and Aviation related players which includes all various activities from electrical parts and services, manufacturing of parts and many other Aerospace and Aviation activities.

Selangor has outlined about 30 action plans under a Selangor Aerospace Action Plan, to be carried out by both federal and state governments in order to position Selangor as a major hub for the aerospace industry in South East Asia, focusing on Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO).

This would certainly emphasize the fact that, the state of Selangor would not rest on the laurels that it houses the highest number of aerospace companies located within Malaysia and is accountable for majority of the revenue coming from aviation industry.

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