Sersol Takuni partners with China’s Beidou Jiean to green three nations with ev motorbikes and scooters

Malaysia’s E-hailing industry is poised to earn healthy growth returns as Sersol Takuni (ST), the joint-venture company between Sersol Berhad and Thai energy giant Takuni, undertakes a new alliance with China’s Chongqing Beidou Jiean Neo-energy Technology Ltd (CBJN).

The agreement was formalised at the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between both parties in Bangkok last week.

The ST Partnership with CBJN, a formidable satellite giant based in China, marks much anticipation in its potential to transform the electric motorbike and scooter industry across Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

“ST’s latest venture seeks to embed Beidou’s technological expertise in design, product development and manufacturing of electric motorcycles and scooters to help the transition towards Net Zero carbon emissions,” said Datuk Wira Justin Lim, Managing Director, Sersol Berhad.

The MoU covers transfer of technology from CBJN to ST, involving selling and leasing solutions for the market.

“We are specifically targeting electric motorbikes and scooters to meet consumer needs to combat increased traffic congestion in urban cities, rising cost of living, high fuel prices, pollution and long commuting hours,” explained Lim.

Lim further elaborated ST has identified a unique market opportunity as there are 150k bikes crossing the Johor Bahru – Singapore causeway daily.

By manufacturing, selling and leasing these electric motorcycles to consumers, the new JV Company will be able to leverage on Singapore government’s incentive scheme to promote usage of EV motorbikes and scooters in the Republic to reduce its carbon footprint.

Lim signed the MoU on behalf of Sersol Takuni, while Alvin Lee represented Beidou Jiean at the signing ceremony in Bangkok.




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