Established in 2016, Setia Gemilang Medicare was the brainchild of Dr Sivamuralitharan and Dr Ganesh. Initially, they started as a normal family clinic in a new township called Setia Alam. The clinic gained a good reputation for treating patients and soon received patients even from outside of Klang Valley. During the pandemic, the clinic faced a challenging period as travelling became restricted. “The organisation focuses on Covid screening and is involved in helping our nation to achieve herd immunity against the deadly virus. At this point, we realised that we needed to expand our scope of services,” said Dr Sivamuralitharan.

“We opened our new centre called Wisma Setia Gemilang which houses Klinik Medicbliss Setia Gemilang, Setia Gemilang Wellness Centre and Setia Gemilang dental clinic. We focus on treating patients using a holistic approach. Our patients are not only treated for their current ailment but we also take proactive measures to prevent further damages,” elaborates Dr Sivamuralitharan. “Our wellness centre has treatment such as Enhanced External Counter Pulsation therapy (EECP) which is a non-invasive treatment that helps to strengthen a patient’s heart, brain and kidney. We were able to make changes in the lives of many heart disease patients who were able to live a better quality patient. These are the patients who are not suitable for surgical treatment such as CABG. Our wellness packages such as Men revitalisation package, Ladies rejuvenation package and 90-day slimming package are also well received by our customers and are proven hits.”

“We are also involved in Stem Cell treatment. We receive patients not only from all over the country but also from foreign countries such as Indonesia, Australia and Singapore. We provide a complete medico-tourism package which includes accommodation and transport. We contribute to putting Malaysia’s name as a leading medical tourism destination. Unlike other stem cell centres, we used stem cells not only for well-being but also to treat diseases such as Osteoarthritis, Cerebral palsy, Autism, stroke, diabetes, erectile dysfunction and kidney failure. Our speciality is that we can deliver the stem cells directly to the affected side. While many healthcare companies focus on digital healthcare, we blend digitalisation and globalisation perfectly with a human touch,” says Dr Sivamuralitharan.

“As we make our name internationally, we continue to grow our clinic business. We currently own 11 clinics in 3 different states. We also have a dental clinic. Our clinics in Setia Alam are a household name for residents around that area. We also believe in giving back to the society. During the height of the pandemic, we helped to provide COVID-19 vaccination by managing a mega PPV,” shares Dr Sivamuralitharan excitedly. “Besides, we also have adopted a local orphanage whereby all their residents are given free treatment. We came forward to help the residents of the surrounding areas who were affected by the flood by giving medical and monetary aid. We are in a sector where empathy is very important and we will continue to play our role in supporting the wellbeing of all.”

“Moving forward, Setia Gemilang Medicare will focus on bringing in the latest technology and methods that can help to change patients’ lives. We have a strategic partnership with many parties to achieve a stronger position to deliver,” he says. “We always focus on our core value which is to provide holistic healthcare service which is affordable to all. Setia Gemilang Medicare is a brand that reflects trust and the highest quality in the healthcare industry.”



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