Doctor Mohd Aizul Hafizi bin Ismail graduated from University Kebangsaan Malaysia as a medical doctor (MD). After finishing his medical school, he was immediately posted as a MD in Hospital Kuala Lumpur and he was in charge of various departments.

Since he was 9, he had imagined of owning his own business as an aesthetic doctor. His first exposure to business was during his tender age, manning his late father’s grocery shop back in his quaint hometown. That was before he reached 15 years of age when his father passed away. Being then raised by his full time working single mother, he pursued small-time businesses, selling repackaged snacks and biscuits in school, all to support his household on his own accord.

Whilst in the civil service as an MD, his passion was burning to venture in the aesthetic industry and to run a center before reaching 30. He then took his first step and studied aesthetic medicine.

Along with his business partners, Kamarul and Nurul Shuhada, he first ventured into aesthetics business in 2016 via a brand licensing programme at one of the most established aesthetic clinics in Malaysia for a year. Dr. Aizul then came up with his own clinic, which is better known today as SIS Aesthetic Centre.

Within a year, SIS Aesthetic Centre was recognized as one of the top aesthetic centres in Malaysia. His clientele ranges from VIPs, celebrities, athletes, fashion models, and people from all over Malaysia.

The mesmeric ‘SIS’ stands for Skin Intelligent Society. Dr Aizul believes that we should all be mindful on the kind of treatment regime which is right for our skin. With the current societal obsession with beauty, it is pertinent for all of us to be aware of the accurate skin treatments unique for each skin type.

As an aesthetic doctor and founder of SIS Aesthetic, Dr. Aizul fuses both love and science into a range of non-invasive aesthetic procedures and products to guarantee results. His “treatment with results” tagline has been verified by thousands of daily testimonies from his clientele. His signature treatment, Acne Clear Peel is currently the most famous and is constantly on high sales demand as it has helped thousands of people cure their acne and also acne scarring problems.

Dr. Aizul brings the latest technology to the aesthetics industry to deliver the best results for his clients. Each patient will initially receive a facial scan analysis prior to treatment consultation in order to determine the best treatment options for their skin. Each patient will be pampered with a personalized and customized treatment that best suits their skin. At SIS, various treatment modalities are offered for acne, scars, pigmentation, glowing and skin brightening and also other treatment pertaining to aesthetic services.

For his business to stay relevant and sustainable, he self-brands himself as an aesthetic influencer doctor cum young entrepreneur. Aside from the medical aesthetic industry, he seeks opportunities to improve his entrepreneurial skills. In 2019, after operating one year at the SIS Aesthetic Centre, he decided to expand his company’s branches and produce more skin care products.

“Do not be afraid to dream because it might just happen,” assures Dr. Aizul. He advises youngsters to be independent, to work hard and to never give up. To start a business is not easy, and sustaining it is even harder. We must be strong, resilient and knowledgeable.

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