The SME CEO Forum returns in 2018 as the titular platform for SME Intelligence in Malaysia, focusing on the opportunities brought about by the Leading Entrepreneur Accelerator Platform (LEAP) Market. With a renowned history of bringing together the most important and influential bodies representing both public and private sectors, the SME CEO Forum 2018 is another important for the most important people in the SME field of Malaysia.

Other than our panel of intelligence, the SME CEO Forum had always been a host to business owners, entrepreneurs, C-level directors and even venture capitalists. The forum is a platform for high-volume business-matching and quality networking in a concentrated environment. With healthy representatives from different industries coming from public and private sectors, there is a guarantee of someone to meet.

Solution providers, consultants, B2B and to selected luxury industries, B2C businesses find their target audience present with the chance for a face-to-face engagement.

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