Store N Go takes logistics lead as Malaysia’s first e-fulfilment platform to integrate influencer marketing solutions

With digital marketing now an indispensable part of business strategies, homegrown e-fulfilment provider Store N Go is taking the lead as the first in Malaysia to integrate influencer marketing solutions with warehousing and fulfilment services.

The inclusion of influencer marketing into Store N Go’s ecosystem aims to boost the competitiveness of home-based businesses and SMEs, many of whom have digitised operations but lack the resources for active digital marketing.

Store N Go’s influencer marketing solutions currently span a growing in-house team of 24 influencers on TikTok, covering a variety of consumer interests from beauty to lifestyle. With this latest addition to its services, the brand is poised to become a one-stop brand management solution for SMEs looking to centralise their fulfilment and marketing efforts.

“Having worked with a SME-majority clientele, we realised there is a very real need to level the online playing field, especially as less than 25 per cent of SMEs are able to move beyond basic digitalisation. What Store N Go offers is an end-to-end ecosystem that closes that gap — we manage a business’ entire fulfilment process, while simultaneously building their brand through multiple marketing channels and taking them further to high-potential audiences that they have yet to reach,” says Tee Kee Lion, Founder and CEO of Store N Go.

In keeping with the ever-evolving landscape of influencer marketing, Store N Go also provides upskilling training to its team of influencers.

The specialised training sessions are administered by digital experts, and covers a range of industry-relevant topics such as TikTok shop marketing tools, livestream host training, and content creation classes.




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