Sunway XFarms to launch largest indoor vertical farm in Kuala Lumpur city centre

Sunway XFarms, a Malaysia based agritech company, will launch Kuala Lumpur city centre’s largest indoor vertical farm in the third quarter of 2022.

The urban farm will occupy three floors spanning 37,000 square-feet in Sunway Tower. The farm is expected to produce at least 13,000 kilogrammes of fresh, healthy and pesticide-free vegetables per month.

The new Sunway XFarms hub at Sunway Tower will allow the urban population of Kuala Lumpur to enjoy fresh produce with maximum nutritional benefits, grown in the heart of the city and delivered to restaurants and consumers within three hours of harvest.

Strategically located at the intersection between Jalan Sultan Ismail and Jalan Ampang in Kuala Lumpur, famously known as the Golden Triangle, Sunway Tower is a 33-storey prime office building offering excellent connectivity with convenient access to public transit and major expressways.

“With Sunway XFarms’ launched in Sunway Tower, we hope to accelerate our commitment towards scaling sustainable food production which is close to consumers. Sunway XFarms will be able to contribute towards Malaysia’s food security, one seed at a time,” said Sunway XFarms Chief Operating Officer Eleanor Choong.

The produce from Sunway XFarms is grown faster and healthier with significantly less wastage leveraging precision farming technologies. By using 90% less water compared traditional farming, XFarms is able to yield ten times more produce with less than 5% on-farm wastage.

Restaurants and hotel kitchen outlets in Sunway City Kuala Lumpur and Kuala Lumpur’s city centre looking to serve these fresh, quality, pesticide-free and sustainably grown produce to their consumers can partner with Sunway XFarms by getting in touch with the team at




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