Quality postpartum care is vital for every mother who has given birth to ensure that they can have good health. Founded by Amy Chen and her husband, Esther Postpartum Care is also known as Dun Nan True Love Group and is one of the most successful postpartum care services in Taiwan. It also has close to 10 years of experience in serving over 10,000 families. In this interview, Amy Chen and Katrina Loh shares on the importance of postpartum care, the kind of services and care they provide for mothers.

Katrina Loh had a well-established sales job when the idea of setting up a postpartum service company came to her. “As I am extremely close to my parents and relatives, I understand the needs of a working mother especially after she gives birth to a newborn child. Therefore, I decided to collaborate with Amy Chen,” says Loh.

The Taiwan-born Amy Chen has an impressive career, owning 10 kindergarten centers. “As I worked at a kindergarten, I gained lots of experience in caring for children and also learned to give them the attention they needed. It was then that I noticed there was a lack of postpartum care centers in the country,” shares Chen.

Esther Postpartum is a rebranding of an established brand, and the name was given to suit the Malaysian culture. “The name, ‘Esther’ was taken after a queen as we wanted the company to deliver services that befits royalty. The arrival of a new family member can be an exhilarating and also an overwhelming experience for both the parents. That is why we want it to be a memorable and happy experience for new mothers and also their husbands,” stresses Chen. “A new mother might feel as if the entire experience after delivery is daunting and we can make the postpartum process much easier and comfortable,” Loh adds.

Esther Postpartum provides comprehensive postpartum care services based on traditional Taiwanese ingredients and equipment with the latest medical research. It offers a full range of products and services which includes comfortable, luxurious accommodation with a home-stay feel, baby care, professional health assessment, wound recovery observation and other kinds of related treatments. “A mother who has recently given birth would require specific nutrients and herbs. At Esther Pospartum, we ensure that the mothers indulge in the correct type and amount of food as a nursing mother would need nutrition for herself and her child. Besides, reading the body language or communication patterns of a newborn baby can also be confusing for a first-time mother. In order to help mothers in that area, we also offer advice and counseling conducted by our highly trained personnel on how to care for a newborn child. Besides caring for a mother’s physical state, we also care for their mental state. Therefore, we also provide postpartum psychology assessment,” shares Chen.

Chen and Loh understand the feelings and needs of women, mothers and newborn babies. In addition to that, they also understand the role a father plays in a family. Besides having a deep understanding on the cultural diversity in Malaysia, the ladies also pay good attention to the culture of the Chinese community with their different dialect groups and traditions in order to gain the trust of clients who come to Esther Postpartum for a comfortable postpartum care experience.

“We plan to expand our business to Penang, Johor Bahru and Melaka and would also like to offer our postpartum services to mothers of Malay and Indian ethnicity,” says Chen. “We are currently doing a lot of research on the different needs and traditions of our Malay and Indian sisters. We hope to be a beacon of comfort to mothers across the board,” Loh adds.

Chen and Loh are dedicated to their jobs and spend a lot of time on their business as they love their profession. The advice they would give to young people who are starting out in a business would be, “Hard work with a willingness to learn is extremely important in order to succeed.”


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