Tourism Malaysia, Mastercard forge smart partnership to elevate Visit Malaysia 2026

Tourism Malaysia and Mastercard have announced a strategic partnership to transform the traveler experience and support outreach efforts in preparation for Visit Malaysia (VM) 2026. The announcement was made during a Memorandum of Collaboration (MOC) exchange ceremony. As part of the MOC, Mastercard will also be named as Tourism Malaysia’s Exclusive Payment Partner, with a strategic focus on enhancing the shopping segment.

The partnership will focus on four areas:

1. Harnessing data insights and analytics: Mastercard’s regional Data & Services hub in Kuala Lumpur will provide actionable insights on traveler spend patterns, needs, and preferences. This aggregated and anonymized data will benefit travel and tourism authorities, operators, and businesses.

2. Digitizing the entire traveler journey: Tourism Malaysia and Mastercard will co-create the Travel Malaysia app, a one-stop solution for travelers. This app will offer personalized travel content and exclusive offers throughout the visitor journey, from itinerary planning and bookings to location-based offers on-the-go. The app is set to launch by 2025.

3. Developing world-class marketing campaigns: Leveraging Mastercard’s global reach and marketing capabilities, both organizations will create and roll out creative, engaging marketing campaigns. The goal is to attract more potential travelers and capture an incremental 8 million arrivals by 2026.

4. Curating exclusive Priceless Experiences and Specials for travelers: Mastercard will introduce its signature Priceless program to Malaysia, offering unique experiences and exceptional offers for travelers. These dedicated and specially curated experiences will reflect Malaysia’s attractive proposition as a one-stop destination to Eat, Play, Shop and Stay, allowing travelers to create unforgettable memories in the country.

Deputy Minister of Tourism, Arts, and Culture, Khairul Firdaus Akbar Khan expressed enthusiasm for the partnership and its potential long-term impact on the travel and tourism sector and stated, “The esteemed partnership with Mastercard highlights our commitment to harness technology to create a more seamless and innovative travel experience in Malaysia.

“By using data and insights, we aim to improve visitor satisfaction and continuously innovate to engage with travelers. This collaboration is a significant step towards digitizing Malaysia’s travel and tourism sector, providing a hassle-free and enriched experience for visitors exploring our diverse offerings,” he said.




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