Viks Properties Sdn Bhd is an expanding top tier real estate company in Kedah that was established by the Sungai Petani born leader, Vik Shian Thitaksilo in December 2015 which was located at Sungai Petani as Viks Properties (E (3) 1628) with only 10 agents and operational staffs at that moment.

Over the years their team has grown into such a passionate community of realtor’s or agents with the objective of fulfilling every individual dream of owning their ideal house. In May 2019, their firm was rebranded as Viks Properties Sdn Bhd (E (1) 1890) and currently with over 100 agents we are striving towards the company goal which is to be a one-stop solution centre in real estate for their admired clients.

Moreover, in the same year Viks Properties has managed to developed real estate services by setting up a new branch at Alor Setar, Kedah (E (1) 1890/1) to take on a wider range of projects and acquire the trust and recognition of the local community as a rising real estate company.

Besides that, not forget to mention that in the end of year 2021 Viks Properties has broaden the real estate service by setting up new branch at Perlis (E (1) 1890/2) to take on more projects, obtain people’ recognition as an evolving real estate company, and widen the range of projects that they’re able to manage.

Viks Properties has given wide range of professional services starting from residential, commercial and industrial, corporate real estate, investments, project marketing, property administration, market research and last but not least auctioning services.

On the other hand, as relevant with their tagline ‘Your Friendly Partner’ Viks Properties trust that outstanding competent agents that has given full training and industrial knowledge to become skilled realtors are able to provide first-class services to reach their client’s expectation.

Besides, each of the branch offices offers a variety of training opportunities to agents or realtor’s and assist them in overcoming challenges that they will face in this professional field. Additionally, Viks Properties has created new professional training modules to help agents become competent to the industry standard by enhancing their understanding of relevant laws, regulations, and ethical standards.

The vision of Viks Properties Sdn Bhd is to be the renowned real estate company for the new generation of real estate negotiators and real estate owners.

Meanwhile, their mission of Viks Properties Sdn Bhd is to provide professional real estate services to clients with trust and integrity while establishing successful and long-lasting relationship with customer and clients.

Futhermore, by Viks Properties outstanding performance in real estate services has received recognition and awards such as two awards from Bumiputera Business Excellence Awards and two awards from National Real Estate Awards in year 2021.

Recently, they received the ‘Real Estate Firm of the Year 2022’ award from Malaysia Entrepreneurs & Industry Personalities Awards.

“In conclusion, Viks Properties has succeeded despite the obstacles and challenges it has faced over the years thanks to strong determination of its leadership, staff, and agents from all the branches.

“Additionally, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who has supported us over the years and to the NiagaTimes for giving us the chance to express our gratitude in writing. We hope in upcoming years we will able to achieve our goals and able to receive more recognition and prestigious awards,” said Vik Shian.


Vik Properties team Vik


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