Women Netpreneur 2017: eCommerce Adoption is a series of talks, sharing and workshops, empowered by SMECorp, MDEC and Gorgeous Geeks. The Adoption Session happens every first Thuesday morning of the month in SMECorp, Kuala Lumpur from May-November. Follow us for the next few months where you will be able to learn and get support from successful sellers, eCommerce providers and government to kick start your eCommerce journey. In addition, each of our six eCommerce partners – Shopee, 11Street, Lelong, Avana (Facebook), Buy Malaysia and Global Halal Data Pool will be there to hand hold you to be their seller on the spot.

The main programme is known as the E-Commerce Adoption Session & Workshop runs in collaboration with 6 e-Commerce Platform Providers (Shoppe, 11 Street, Lelong, Facebook, Buy Malaysia & Global Halal Data Pool). Each of the e-commerce platform provider will be giving the Awareness slot & Workshop slot (total 6 series) as per given dates. All of the e-Commerce platform providers will be having the Awareness slot & Workshop slot on the same day EXCEPT for 11 Street & Lelong.

In addition, we will also be conducting additional workshop called Digital Business workshop (ONE WHOLE DAY Session) for women entrepreneur who owns existing bricks and mortar business (physical store), with integration of customer experience and business processes from both offline and online business channels ONLY. We offered 5 dates in 2017 for you to register. We wish to inform that the Digital Business workshop is FREE for companies who have attended any of the e-Commerce Platform Providers session. Fee will be charged to newly registered only.

Find out more at http://gorgeousgeeks.net/activities/women-netpreneur-2017/