Young Bumiputera Entrepreneurs Rising

There has been an increase of contemporary young Malay entrepreneurs in Malaysia since we stepped into the 21st century. The accomplishments of these personalities are impressive, given their determination and drive to succeed in their respective fields at such a young age. Here, Top 10 of Malaysia shares its pick of top 10 emerging young Bumiputera entrepreneurial personalities who have what it takes to chart new waters in the world of commerce.

Faeez Fadhlillah
A first-class honors graduate, Faeez Fadhlillah is currently CEO and co-founder of Tripfez, an innovative travel portal dedicated to the rise of Muslim travellers. Awarded Malaysia’s Young Technopreneur in 2013, he is an avid international speaker who was listed in Forbes 30 under 30 Asia 2016. Constantly working closely with a number of Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO), he chairs the R&D committee of the Malaysian Association of Tour & Travel Agents (MATTA) and was elected to serve from 2015-2017 as Vice President of MATTA.

Zikry Kholil
Zikry Kholi gained experience at GDS International and Mindvalley before co-founding The Incitement Movement in 2011 which has evolved into an international community. Promoting social impact amongst youths via talks, Incitement sees yearly revenue growth, recently launching chapters in Ghana, Sudan and Argentina. He was also listed in Forbes 30 under 30 Asia 2016, and has volunteered with Jordan NGO, Talal-Abu Ghazaleh. Moreover, Zikry is a motivational speaker at international events and is currently a member of Jurors for the United Nations World Summit Award.

Irfan Khairi
Upon his graduation, Irfan Khairi took a job with Netmedia (UK) Ltd as a multimedia system developer and consultant, creating an internet learning system for UK schools titled, `Learning Grid`, currently used in over 5,000 schools. However, his passion for internet and business led to a part-time business which he pursued fulltime shortly after. Irfan Khairi Sdn Bhd, specializing in Internet Business Training, was started in 2005 and it generated RM1 million within 3 years without workers or high-tech computers but with only a RM500 capital. Irfan’s most notable accomplishments include the Young Innovation Award by Oxford Association of Management, UK.

YM Tengku Chanela Jamidah Ibrahim
Tengku Chanela Jamidah has been active in the fashion industry for almost a decade, as she has embarked on a successful journey locally and internationally. Founder of Chanela Jamidah and ULTRA clothing line, her ULTRA10 collection was launched in Shanghai and received recognition in the UK. Her passion extends from creative design and direction, to campaigns and collaborations which she executes with passion. She is also Director of Saleidah Holdings Sdn Bhd, Thavia Fashion Sdn Bhd, Dida Global and The Events Store (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.

Dr Soraya Rahim Ismail
Dr Soraya Rahim Ismail was with Accenture’s London and Melbourne offices for a decade when she fell in love with Boost Juice but it was during her honeymoon that she decided to bring it home. She successfully clinched the Malaysian Master Franchise to co-found Vitality Boost Sdn Bhd and currently has over 85 Boost stores across three countries with London Sandwich Co outlets opened recently. Dr Soraya’s accolades include Women of Excellence 2014 in F&B Category, and Boost Malaysia winning Boost International Partner of the Year at Boost Global Conferences a total of three times to date!

Muhammad Ammar B Zaharudin
Delving into business due to financial strain, Muhammad Ammar B Zaharudin’s business started generating a five-figure income in no time. He registered Ammar Zahar Sdn Bhd and it soon produced over 100 information products. He then founded Jootawan Group Sdn Bhd followed by Aztec Sdn Bhd which was selected to participate in a Stanford University program in Silicon Valley. Having published two books, he was honored when MDEC inducted Jootawan Group Sdn Bhd as the syllabus creator for the first batch of eUsahawan to train over 400 lecturers in Malaysia.

Wahi Bin Abdul Rashid
Wahi Bin Abdul Rashid first worked at a car rental company in between his studies and upon graduating, he took a job at University Putra Malaysia. Due to the high cost of living, he opened a part-time car rental business, Green Matrix Enterprise Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd with his wife. Its prosperity led him to focus on his business with a view to expand it further. Green Matrix provides services to individuals, agencies and is the largest car rental network in Malaysia. Wahi is also an author who currently speaks on entrepreneurship through seminars and classes at his Sepang office.

Mohd Najib Abdul Hadi
Mohd Najib Abdul Hadi a.k.a Ajib Adi got involved in sales and entrepreneurship since he was very young. After graduating, he sold water purifiers and achieved top sales nationwide. Consequently, he invested in a variety of properties, acquiring a shop lot in Shah Alam worth over RM1.2 Million. Currently, he owns multiple condominiums, terraces and SOHO properties in Kuala Lumpur. He was also the youngest to be promoted as General Manager in Coway. Today, he leads over a thousand staff here, continues to invest and conducts property coaching.

Mohd Azrul Bin Mohd Nor
Founder of Gero Azrul International, CEO of Global Internet Resources and eGenuine Experts, and President of Malaysia Internet Entrepreneur Association (PUIM), Mohd Azrul Mohd Nor is a self-made entrepreneur. Working with representatives from the training and education industries, he participates in various courses by business experts. Awarded by MTEM the Young Leadership Icon, Azrul has been featured in major publications and is involved in entrepreneurial training with KPDNKK and SSM. Currently, he runs businesses in a variety of fields, including youth self-development training with business partner, Zainal.

Reza Razali
Reza Razali started coding at the age seven, began reading Fortune and Forbes at age twelve and co-founded the widely recognised Malaysian teen portal at the age of seventeen. When he was 25 years old, Reza founded Terato Tech Sdn Bhd and since then it has grown from a two-man operation to staff manpower of forty. Aside from being a well-known figure in the Malaysian technology scene, Reza also continues to invest in various Malaysian start-ups.