MIMOS invites companies and technopreneurs to partner in proliferating smart manufacturing

Collaboration and leveraging the right technologies can accelerate transformation towards smart manufacturing in the Industry 4.0 era, says national applied research and development (R&D) centre MIMOS.

MIMOS offers technological capabilities, resources and services chiefly for the electrical and electronics (E&E) and manufacturing sector, under its overarching Industry 4.0 technology focus areas such as Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data Analytics, Advanced Manufacturing and Data Security.

MIMOS’ Manufacturing Innovation Centre includes an advanced shared service facilities that offers R&D services in smart manufacturing enablers such as next-generation materials, microelectronics, integrated circuit design and semiconductors.

The centre also houses a product engineering laboratory that offers services in product design, digital modelling and reliability engineering, as well as a photonics technology laboratory.

MIMOS Interim President and Chief Executive Officer Emelia Matrahah said, “Industry 4.0 requires the manufacturing sector to shift to digitised, higher value-added processes, advanced manufacturing technologies and intelligence-assisted resource utilisation to remain relevant and competitive.

“MIMOS can equip startups as well as MNCs with cost-efficient advanced technologies to boost their efficiency and productivity,” she said at the MIDA-ITRI Technology Talk and Smart Collaboration 2019 themed ‘Accelerating Transformation towards Smart Manufacturing’, organised by Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) and Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan (ITRI), on Thursday (21 Nov).


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